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Gail’s thoughts and reflections on the BIOEurope conference

Gails thoughts and reflections
Last week, Gail Melvin, Research Business Manager for Patient Recruitment Centre (PRC): Leicester, attended the BIOEurope conference in Munich. The conference was attended by over 5,500 Bio-Pharma professionals from 60 countries and representing more than 2,220 companies.
Gail represented the five UK NIHR Patient Recruitment Centres and highlighted the research potential in the UK. She talked about the new National Contract Value Review (NCVR) process, which streamlines research set-up times by providing a standardized, national approach to costing for commercial contract research. This process is expected to speed up the research setup process in the UK.
Gail shared a few thoughts with us about her time at the conference: “It was a great conference and Munich is lovely, although I didn't see that much of it.  
“I felt that we did a great job advocating for the UK and I know it will lead to sponsors bringing studies to the UK now they know about the support available.”
If you missed the opportunity to speak to Gail at the conference, you can still find out more information about the PRCs and the research opportunities they provide by visiting the industry page of our website: