Deliver your trial at Patient Recruitment Centre: Leicester

The national Patient Recruitment Centre programme is purpose-designed to increase the UK’s capacity to deliver late-phase commercial clinical research, and here in Leicester we have a lot to offer. 

A strong track record

PRC: Leicester is hosted by the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. In the last five years, we have recruited seven ‘global first’ and two ‘Europe first’ patients (and counting)  into commercial studies.

In that time, on average, 76% of the NIHR-supported commercial trials we delivered successfully recruited to time and target. We are one of the highest recruiting sites in the country, with an average of 13,000 people taking part in research each year,  of which approximately 400 are to commercial studies.

As a result, we have excellent relationships with several pharmaceutical companies including Novartis, Roche and Sanofi and have partnership agreements with major Contract Research Organisations (CROs) Parexel, PPD and IQVIA.

“The Leicester trial team has done a terrific job recruiting patients for our key trial for IgA Nephropathy. They managed to obtain the first patient first visit globally which was a significant milestone and assisted us in pushing competitive recruitment in the UK, as well as reinforcing the UK as continuing to be at the forefront for research and clinical trials globally.”

                Novartis UK Ltd.

State-of-the-art facilities

Our host trust has received  a £450 million reconfiguration package from the UK government to invest in state-of-the-art facilities for the benefit of patients.  As well as a PRC, we host and manage a wealth of NIHR research delivery infrastructure, including a Biomedical Research Centre, Clinical Research Facility, Clinical Research Network East Midlands and an Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (jointly funded by CRUK). We also set up the National Centre for Drug Adherence Testing.

 Our PRC shares its site with and has access to:

  • A clinical trials pharmacy
  • Full pathology services
  • Sample preparation laboratories
  • Imaging (CT/MRI/interventional radiology)
  • A DEXA scanner
  • Fully equipped gym for exercise interventions, cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic assessments

The PRC team works very closely with these support services to ensure feasibility assessments are conducted in a robust and timely manner, assisted by an electronic sign-off system to support high-speed capacity and capability assessments.

We also have access to two other acute hospital sites run by our host trust, with specialist equipment for, but not limited to, cardiology, respiratory, paediatric and emergency medicine.

World-class expertise

As one of the largest acute trusts in England, we have research active staff in all specialties, with world-renowned experts in cardiovascular, respiratory, diabetes, cancer and renal medicine. Principal Investigators are supported by our flexible and highly-skilled research delivery staff.

Through our host Trust we have access to a wide pool of investigators, many of which are world renowned NHS key opinion leaders. Across the Trust over the last five years, there have been approximately 117 investigators leading for commercial research in 30 therapeutic areas. When we include non-commercial research that figure increases to 502 investigators covering 53 therapeutic areas who can be supported by our experienced and highly-skilled team to take on this role for commercial trials.

Integrated data systems

We are part of Leicestershire Integrated Healthcare System, which links primary, secondary and tertiary care services. We have data sharing agreements and networks in place to support rapid, high volume patient recruitment.

Primary care and GP engagement 

We have developed a contact management database  in REDCap that combines primary care network and GP contact data, and other business intelligence relating to GP research interest and engagement. This supports a managed and targeted engagement strategy, with the potential for it to be used as a collaborative tool across the research community.

This tried and tested method, used in other major studies like GENVASC, demonstrates its effectiveness as an engagement and management tool across a wide geographical area and multiple GP practices.

Patient experience

We offer participants on your clinical trial a bright, welcoming and spacious facility  with  comfortable waiting rooms stocked with refreshments. Our PRC is fully accessible and has both parking and public transport facilities on site. We have a strong culture of public involvement that ensures patients have a say in our decision making. We work closely with the Centre for Black and Minority Ethnic Health to ensure all voices are heard.

Get in touch

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