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The national Patient Recruitment Centre programme is purpose-designed to increase the UK’s capacity to deliver late-phase commercial clinical research, and here in Leicester we have a lot to offer. 

PRC: Leicester is hosted by the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust - one of the largest acute trusts in England. We have an excellent track record in delivering commercial clinical research and, as a result, we have developed lasting relationships with a number of global life science companies and Contract Research Organisations (CROs).

“The Leicester trial team has done a terrific job recruiting patients for our key trial for IgA Nephropathy. They managed to obtain the first patient first visit globally which was a significant milestone and assisted us in pushing competitive recruitment in the UK, as well as reinforcing the UK as continuing to be at the forefront for research and clinical trials globally.”
Novartis UK Ltd

Research expertise and track record

Our experienced and highly-skilled research team is dedicated to delivering commercial research. In recent years we have developed a strong track record for delivering research with a number of stand-out successes. Add to this our patient-centred approaches, and you have a first-class destination for your clinical trial. Here’s a taster of what we can offer. Use the link below to find out more.

Research expertise

We have research active staff in all specialties and world-renowned experts in: Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Diabetes and Renal Medicine.

Patient experience

99 per cent of participants who took part in research at our host NHS Trust during 2021/22 said that they would consider taking part in research again.

Time and target

100 per cent of the commercial contract trials that we delivered recruited to time and target in financial year 2021-2022.

Volume of trials

In the last five years we have supported 482 commercial studies and we have excellent relationships with numerous pharmaceutical companies.

Participants recruited

On average, for the last five years, we have recruited approximately 52,000 participants per year into clinical research studies across the Trust. In 2020-21, this number exceeded 195,425.

Recruitment successes

In the last five years, we have recruited five ‘global first’ and two ‘European first’ patients into commercial studies.

Find out more our research expertise and experience

Learn more about all of these successes by visiting our 'More about our research expertise and experience' page.


Research facilities and regional reach

Your research could also benefit from our state of the art facilities and extensive regional connections spanning primary, secondary and tertiary care services. Our collaborative culture is a key selling point which is exemplified by our integrated data systems and extensive recruitment reach. Here’s a few more reasons to work with us. Use the link below to find out more.

Unique to our region

Our regional demographics offer unique opportunities for research, for example, did you know that 55% of Leicester City residents are from black and minority ethnic backgrounds?

State-of-the-art facilities

Our host trust has received a £450 million reconfiguration package from the UK government to invest in state-of-the-art facilities.

Integrated data systems

We have data sharing agreements and networks in place with local partners in primary care to support rapid, high volume patient recruitment.

Regional relationships

We work closely with a number of local organisations to support rapid, high volume patient recruitment across our region.

Recruitment reach

Our host trust provides core services to 1 million people in our locality and specialist services to between 2-3 million people from around England. 

Find out more about our recruitment reach and facilities

Learn more about region and local partnerships by visiting our 'More about our region and facilities' page.

Studies delivered at PRC: Leicester

Take a look at our research portfolio delivered here at PRC: Leicester since we opened our doors in November 2020.

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