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Patient Recruitment Centre: Bradford

Welcome to the Patient Recruitment Centre: Bradford

We are dedicated to setting up and delivering late phase commercial clinical trials in the NHS at pace and scale. We are one of five national Patient Recruitment Centres that work collaboratively, through an innovative collective model, to make it easier and quicker to deliver commercial research in the UK. 

By attracting more commercial research to the UK, we also increase  opportunities for NHS patients to access cutting-edge treatment and therapies that are not yet widely available throughout the NHS. We work across the region, through our partners and stakeholders, to ensure as many people as possible are given the opportunity to take part. 

We ensure that people from all walks of life have equal opportunity to take part in clinical trials, while also reducing the time it takes to set up these trials within the NHS. We improve the UK's competitiveness in the global market and provide opportunities for patients to benefit from early access to innovation.

Use the links below to find out more about what we do:

  • Life sciences industry

    Discover what research delivery opportunities exist in our region.  We attract large numbers of trial participants across several specialties, and have recruited multiple global, European and UK-first recruits into commercial studies within recent years. Learn more about delivering your trial with PRC: Bradford.

  • Patients and public

    Find out about participating in clinical research at PRC: Bradford. Hosted by Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, we at PRC: Bradford are proud to be at the forefront of cutting-edge clinical research in the heart of a multi-cultural and richly diverse population. Find out more about how you could be involved in research.

  • Regional partnerships and collaborations

    Learn about how we can connect and collaborate with local healthcare providers to deliver research. Partnerships and collaborations across the health sector in our region are a key feature of our operating model. These connections (which include primary, secondary, community, the academic sector, and social care organisations) extend our recruitment reach far beyond our host Trust; Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. This means that we can provide more opportunities for patients to access cutting-edge treatments and therapies by taking part in clinical research. Find out more about our regional partnerships and collaborations.

Contact PRC: Bradford