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We offer a range of support to help you plan, place and perform high quality research.

If your study meets the eligibility criteria for the NIHR Clinical Research Network Portfolio - also known as the NIHR CRN Portfolio - we will work with you, research and development offices, funders, and other stakeholders to deliver your study to time and target.

The ideal time to initiate this support is around the time your study has been shortlisted by a funder which will ensure you get the full range of relevant support for you and your study.

Each study is assessed to ensure it meets the Department of Health and Social Care’s Eligibility Criteria (PDF). Visit our NIHR CRN Portfolio page to learn more about study eligbility and applying for support.

Study Support Service

Our service is provided through a network of frontline advisers based in our core team and supported by staff in our partner organisations. It can impact the success of your study in 3 key areas:

Plan your study

Expert advice and guidance to help you plan your research

Get personalised advice and guidance about what support is available, tailored to your specific study needs. You can access this support even before you have secured funding. Engaging early will increase your support options.

Accurately identify relevant funders for all resources related to your study activities

Department of Health and Social Care guidance outlines responsibilities for funding the range of research activities. We have specialists and a UK-wide tool to help apply this to your study activities.

Ensure your research is inclusive

Read our INCLUDE guidance on improving inclusion of under-served groups in clinical research.

Find out more about how we can help you plan your study or trial in health or care settings.

Place your study

Identify sites for your study

We can gather expressions of interest to take part in your study from sites across England. You can discuss this with us anytime throughout the life cycle of your study.

Study delivery review

We undertake a study wide assessment to identify and highlight any challenges to study delivery. enabling a proactive approach to study set-up.

Find out more about how we can help you place your study to optimise performance.

Perform your study

Streamline your study set-up

We will use our national network to share a study-wide action plan to ensure multiple sites open as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Keep your research on track

Your allocated performance review lead will work with you to proactively monitor the progress of your study.

Find out more about how we work with you to keep your study on track.

If you require support, or would like to find out more about our Study Support Service, please get in touch:

Telephone: 01489 771111

Study support within primary care

Our team offer bespoke advice on site identification, service support and HR arrangements for primary care studies.

We have almost 70 practices signed up to our Research Sites Initiative (RSI), a local scheme which provides sites with funding to establish and maintain their infrastructure in order to deliver NIHR Clinical Research Network portfolio research.

To find out more about primary care research within Wessex, please visit our primary care website.

To access support from our primary care team, please get in touch:

Telephone: 01489 771028


Bespoke commercial research support  

If your study is sponsored and funded by a life sciences company or other commercial organisation, visit our Study Support Service for industry page or contact our Industry team.

We provide a direct route for companies to access experts and collaborators within our world-leading NIHR research centres and the NHS. Our centres and experts are equipped to work in partnership with the life sciences industry, supporting companies to translate fundamental biomedical research into the clinical setting, run studies in the NHS and develop new treatments, diagnostics and medical devices.

Our Network supports commercial research across all care settings, including primary care. The Commercial Research Primary Care Consortium is a local initiative supporting the development of commercial research. This group aims to:

  1. Share good practice and resources across member practices
  2. Promote primary care as a good place to run commercial trials
  3. Collaborate with industry to place more trials in primary care

We support the delivery of national work streams, including the national contract value review process, national improvement plan and research activity confirmation by providing tailored assistance, disseminating information effectively and delivering training modules.

If your study is sponsored and funded by a life sciences company or other commercial organisation, visit our Study Support Service for industry page or get in touch with our industry team:

Telephone: 01489 771119


Support for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

The development of health technologies can be a long journey that requires a thorough understanding of relevant regulatory frameworks, research governance, supporting organisations and routes to market.

In Wessex, we work across the innovation value chain to support the implementation of new technologies that impact the NHS through improved patient outcomes and cost savings. We support SMEs with establishing research collaborations, developing research studies, advising on regulatory pathways, clinical peer reviews and study set-up.

Alongside the Wessex Academic Health Science Network (AHSN), we run a rigorous Technology Support Programme to support clinically-themed focused innovations. 

For further support, please get in touch with our Industry Team

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