Why work with us?

The Clinical Research Network North West London supports the high quality clinical research taking place at the heart of the NHS and social care services, leading to improved treatments and patient care for all. We do this by funding research staff in local services, from hospitals to GP surgeries. This experienced workforce make patients aware of research opportunities and support the delivery of clinical research. 

Being on the ground, we know the best sites to conduct research, where specific patient populations are and how to access the right equipment. We understand how the NHS works and we can help the clinical research community plan, set up and deliver clinical research on time and to target.

Thanks to our support and guidance, over half a million participants have taken part in research in North West London over the last decade. 

Life Sciences/Industry

Supporting high-quality commercial contract clinical research across all therapeutic areas is a high priority for the Clinical Research Network.  Here in North West London we have dedicated research support staff and services to assist with study delivery at site level. This infrastructure provides you with unparalleled access to, and understanding of, the NHS research environment. As well as helping you to navigate the NHS, we offer a range of practical services that are designed to help you set-up and deliver commercial research studies to time and target, whatever their size or therapeutic area. 

So whether you are a pharmaceutical giant, a medium-sized medical technology firm, or a small CRO, we can help. The earlier you get in touch, the more scope you have to make the most of our support. To find out more, email  industry.crnnwlondon@nihr.ac.uk or call 0203 313 4027.

Workforce Development

Our Workforce Development team provides learning and development opportunities to develop research as an attractive career option across North West London. Find out more about the training we offer

Study Support Service

Our Study Support Service offers a range of support across the research pathway to enable the successful delivery of clinical research studies. For more information, visit the Study Support Service page.

Primary Care Team

Serving a population of 2.4 million across 8 CCGs, General Practitioners in North West London are fully committed to supporting high quality clinical research supported by the central Primary Care CRN team. Throughout the last few years we have been working to ensure that all patients in the area are afforded the opportunity to participate in research and work closely with investigators to ensure that clinical trials are set up and delivered as efficiently as possible:

Capacity and Capability - Capability and capacity is issued centrally on behalf of our GPs ensuring that studies meet the national 30 day set up deadline. The team also act as a single point of contact eliminating the need for multiple contacts.

Working at Scale - We have begun to work with GP networks located in 4 of our CCGs. Working with these large organisations allows us to access 1.3 million patients, which increases exponentially when you include the number of workers registered with a GP in central London. We are confident that we will have a full working at scale model in operation by the end of 2018-2019.

Research Hubs - We collaborate with several large teaching practices in the area that help deliver and promote research across North West London (pop 1,115,000 approx.)

Engagement - Engagement with clinical trials has risen in the last few years and we currently have 40% of all GPs in North West London recruiting to clinical trials. With the further implementation of the Working at Scale Model we are confident that this will continue to increase year after year. We are also committed to embedding research into day to day business and have successfully run weekend and evening research clinics which are more accessible for patients. 

Communications, Media and Social Media 

We can help you make sure everyone knows about your research, from the moment you launch to when you announce your results. We can also help you with recruitment through our website, social media, newsletters, the local media and other channels. For more information on what support we can offer please email our Communications Team at comms.crnnwl@nihr.ac.uk.  

Patient and Public Involvement

Need advice on how to involve patients and the public in your research? Please get in touch with our Patient and Public Involvement Manager Danielle Neal at danielle.neal@nihr.ac.uk or on 020 3313 4012.

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