We supports researchers to plan, place and perform high quality research through the Study Support Service in our region.

For any study that is eligible for the Clinical Research Network (CRN) portfolio, the CRN North West London offers a range of services across the research delivery pathway.

Whether it is signing off the SoECAT at grant application stage, help with regulatory approvals, assistance with site identification, advising on patient pathways or performance monitoring of studies, we can help.

Talk to us as early as possible to get the most out of the advice and support we offer.

Contact us: studysupport.crnnwlondon@nihr.ac.uk

Testimonials from people who have used our services


Ashley Foster PhD, Clinical Trials Coordinator

On site identification:

"CRN North West London has been very proactive in developing and generating documents for use by each potential site. They have been heavily involved in this study from the very beginning."

On performance management:

"The CRN North West London has demonstrated the ability to monitor performance across the networks via their extensive systems which has shown to be effective and time saving."

On study set up:

"The team has been invaluable with setting up this study. Sam has always responded quickly and efficiently, and patiently responds to queries that baffles a new researcher. The team’s help and support is definitely something I cannot do without."

Miss Yan Mei Goh, MBChB MRCS PG Dip Clin Ed, Clinical Research Fellow

On the SoECAT review and sign off:

"I found completing the SoECAT daunting, particularly as it was a new document and I did not have much experience to draw upon. Fortunately, the CRN were helpful in recommending which activities belonged in which tab and correctly attributing the costs as per the AcoRD guidance.

"They were also able to suggest who to contact for information about our non-tariff costs. I also experienced some functional difficulties with the form, such as summaries that would not update, being unable to add additional activities, which the CRN were able to provide workarounds for or fix the issue.

"When reviewing the SoECAT, it was particularly helpful to discuss the issues over the telephone, so that I could make the changes in real time. It was certainly a learning curve for everyone involved and I would recommend contacting the CRN early in the process to ensure that everything is correct."

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