There are many opportunities for your development within the NIHR Clinical Research Network North West London.  To find out more about the courses below, and when they are being offered, please visit NIHR Learn.

Introduction to Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

A practical guide to ethical and scientific quality standards in clinical research for experienced research delivery staff. This full-day workshop is designed to provide an introduction to Good Clinical Practice (GCP), the EU Directives, UK Regulations and Research Governance Framework requirements covering clinical trials and other NIHR Portfolio studies conducted within Secondary Care (primarily hospital based) settings.

GCP Refresher

A practical guide to ethical and scientific quality standards in clinical research for experienced research delivery staff. This 3-hour workshop is for experienced research delivery staff who: 

  • have previously completed either taught or online Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training,
  • have recent practical experience of working in a clinical research environment
  • and have a good understanding of the principles and quality standards of GCP and related frameworks.

Informed Consent

This workshop will enable you to embed the core principles of informed consent into your daily practice and to provide a foundation upon which to build competence in the informed consent process. It covers ethical and legislative frameworks, principles and responsibilities, best practice and insight into the added protection required for vulnerable groups.

Next Steps in Delivering Research

This programme has been completely revised to make it more accessible to you. It is intended for people who have been in research for up to one year. With your line manager’s approval, you will be given 4 hours to study the course materials provided. There are a many suggestions in each module of where you might look for more information. Feel free to do this to satisfy your own curiosity. After studying the materials you can attend a ‘Consolidation session’ when your learning can be enhanced through discussion of issues of interest to you. The dates of these sessions are available on NIHR Learn.

You can send questions prior to the session with topics you’d particularly like to discuss. Facilitators can provide a deeper level of understanding on these topics. If learning in a more traditional setting is more appropriate, we have an agreement with the networks in North Thames and South London that you can join any of their events. Visit NIHR Learn to book dates.

Facilitation and Training Skills

It is our intention to develop as many people as possible to become active facilitators across our region. With your line manager’s approval and support, you can make an occasional contribution to the massively rewarding activity of developing people in your area of expertise. Two one-day programmes are available for you to develop the skills required so that you can feel confident and ready to develop others.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please take a look at the dates on NIHR Learn and feel free to get in touch with Anne Price (details below) if you have any queries.


To find out more about the training and educational opportunities offered at the NIHR Clinical Research Network North West London, please contact our Learning and Development Manager, Anne Price, at