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Every minute in the UK, someone is diagnosed with a disease or a condition. The treatment and support they will receive will, at some point, have been discovered by research. Research improves the health and social care provided by the NHS and others, advancing medicine to find new cures and better treatments for future generations. It also helps to improve diagnosis, prevention and quality of life for everyone. In some cases it can change lives, or even save lives.

Find out about studies that are taking place at PRC: Leicester

You can take a look at what studies are currently underway at PRC: Leicester and learn about upcoming studies by visiting our Participate in a study at PRC: Leicester web page.

Why take part in research

People take part in research for many reasons. Some want to find out more about a diagnosed health condition and have access to new treatments and more regular health checks. Others want to support research for a disease that has affected them or a loved one, or to make a difference for future generations by helping to improve treatments for existing conditions and diseases that are not currently treatable.

The experience I've had during this study so far has been incredible. I can't imagine it's easy to run a research trial during the height of the pandemic but I've not once been left unsupported. The team are super organised and have made my experience a breeze. It's integrated perfectly into my everyday life from working full time to even getting married! There's been regular remote contact which has made me feel supported and cared for every step of the way."
When asked if she would take part in research again, Alesha replied: "Absolutely, hands down, without a doubt, a million times yes .”

Alesha Walpole, a participant in the ADAPT study investigating a hybrid closed loop system of insulin control in people with type 1 diabetes at PRC: Leicester

Explaining late phase commercial research

At the Patient Recruitment Centre (PRC): Leicester we offer opportunities to take part in late phase commercial research. Late phase clinical trials test whether a new treatment is better than existing treatments. By this point, the new treatment will have already been tested for safety and whether it has any side-effects. Commercial research is any trial or study funded by a private company rather than through the government, university or a charity.

Patient safety and well-being

Your safety, health and wellbeing are paramount. All clinical trials run through our PRC have been carefully checked by an independent research ethics committee, approved by the Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority (MHRA) and Health Research Authority (HRA), and confirmed by our host organisation, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, to meet the highest standards.

Supporting your choices

Choosing to take part in a clinical trial need not be a difficult decision. Our friendly team of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals will be there to support you. We will answer your questions before you consent to entering a trial. During your initial chat, you will be given information such as what the study is about, the types of tests and treatments you may receive, the length of the trial and the number of visits required. This will be different for each study. You will be given time to think about your decision and discuss it with your family or GP. If you decide not to take part, it will not affect your routine healthcare.

A warm welcome

We look forward to welcoming you to our bright, comfortable and spacious facility at Leicester General Hospital. We are well stocked with refreshments, and have light and airy waiting rooms. Our PRC is fully accessible, with lifts from the ground floor to our reception area. Parking is available on site. We are also well served by our local public transport network, with a regular bus taking visitors to and from Leicester city centre and the railway station. All travel expenses are reimbursed.

Designed for you, by you

Leicesters' Hospitals have a strong culture of public involvement: we ensure patients have a say in our decision making. We are keen to better understand what is working well and where we can improve. We do this using the NIHR Participant in Research Experience Survey and engaging with our local patient panels.  We also work closely with the Centre for Ethnic Health Research to ensure all voices are heard.

Be Part of Research

Be Part of Research is a service that makes it easy for the public to learn about and search for research studies. Discover how research studies are designed, what happens when you decide to take part and the importance of taking part.

Join Leicester’s Research Registry

If you are interested in health research in Leicester’s Hospitals and if you want to hear about opportunities to take part, sign up to Leicester’s Research Registry to receive regular email updates. Visit the website to join: www.leicestershospitals.nhs.uk/researchregistry

Get in touch

To register your interest in taking part in our research, either in a clinical trial or as part of our patient involvement group, please contact:

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