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Spotlight on West Midlands Research Midwives

Research Midwives from Trusts around the region are highlighting their work and encouraging potential participants during an international focus day this weekend.

Those involved in delivering research in reproductive care and childbirth will feature in a social media campaign throughout International Day of the Midwife this Sunday 5 May, and have shared their thoughts on the importance of research to the midwifery profession in a series of case studies.

There are currently 18 reproductive health and childbirth studies open in the West Midlands. Across the

Network, 2,532 participants have been recruited in the past year, at 12 sites.

Studies include:

  • Giant PANDA – short for Pregnancy ANtihypertensive Drugs: which Agent is best,which aims to compare two medications to see which one is best for pregnant womenwith high blood pressure and their babies
  • CAPE or Calcium supplementation for women At high-risk of Pre-Eclampsia is looking to find out whether taking calcium supplements alongside usual antenatal care reduces the risk of women developing pre- eclampsia (high blood pressure during pregnancy and after labour)
  • Smoking Nicotine And Pregnancy Trial (SNAP-3) is testing whether using Nicotine Replacement Therapy in new ways can make it more likely for pregnant women to stop smoking

Carly Craddock, Chief Operating Officer of the Network, said: “It’s so important that opportunities to take part in research are offered to people at every life stage, and the work done by our Research Midwife colleagues is invaluable in providing these.”

Aqeela Hamilton, a Consultant  Midwife at The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust said: “Through research we can empower, advocate and collaborate with women about their care.”

Hannah Cook, Research Midwife at Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust added: “It’s so exciting to be part of change and innovation.”

Find the campaign on X, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn using  #IDM24.


For further information  contact:  Claire Hall, Communications Lead on 07775 800227.