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Spotlight on research careers for International Women's Day

As we mark International Women's Day on 8 March, take a look at these inspiring research career stories from staff in North West London.


Andrea Smith


Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

"I worked as a clinical midwife for ten years before becoming a research midwife."

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Marcelle Costa Marinho

Direct Delivery Team

NIHR Clinical Research Network North West London

"Research is essential. It plays a crucial role in elevating the quality of people's lives by fostering advancements and innovations that contribute to overall well-being and societal progress."

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Dr Gemma Clunie

Senior Clinical Academic Speech and Language Therapist

Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

"My research has meant I am more confident in supporting my patients through their diagnosis and surgery in terms of the advice, assessment, and management that I offer."

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Rebecca Smith

Physiotherapist — Neurological and vestibular disorders

Imperial College London

"I think it motivates staff to think outside the box and importantly we can include patient voices in how we shape our clinical practice."

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Jennifer Crow

Occupational Therapist — Stroke research

Imperial College London

"I believe the research I'm doing has the potential to make a measurable difference to people's outcomes"

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Wan Sze SHUM (Fancy)

Research Nurse

NIHR Clinical Research Network North West London

"Research is important because it acknowledges the ever-evolving nature of our world, where new problems and questions continually arise."

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