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Kent, Surrey and Sussex research participants have positive experiences of taking part in research

A huge 97% of research participants in Kent, Surrey and Sussex said they would take part in research again, data from the 2022/23 Participant in Research Experience Survey (PRES) shows.

Over 42,000 people participated in 568 research studies across Kent, Surrey and Sussex in 2022/2, and more than 2,400 of these research participants chose to provide valuable feedback on their experience of taking part in health and care research, supported by NIHR Clinical Research Network Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

This included people who had taken part in research within NHS Trusts, Primary Care, and community settings across the region.

The Participant in Research Experience Survey (PRES) is an anonymous survey given to people who have taken part in NIHR health and care research to find out what their experience is like. There are several versions of the survey for different ages and accessibility needs, including paper and online versions.

The results are shared with people and organisations who deliver research across the region, and together we look at ways to make experiences better for everyone. The results are also used to tell people about the benefits of taking part in research and encourage more people to get involved.

Headlines for the survey (adult survey results only):

  • 93% said that the information they received before taking part prepared them for their experience
  • 82% said that they have been kept updated about the research
  • 65% knew how they would receive the results of the study
  • 84% knew how to contact someone from the team
  • 97% felt valued by the research team
  • 98% felt that the research staff treated them with courtesy and respect
  • 97% would take part in research again

Comments from those who completed the survey include:

“I think choosing to take part in the trial gave me the only bit of control when my life was falling apart. It did give me the feeling I was doing something positive at a dark time. I don't regret taking part and hope it will make a difference.”

“I have been continually monitored throughout my trial period. I have really appreciated the attention I have received from the team from day one.”

“Thousands of people have taken part in trials in the past that have enabled me to benefit from drugs that they trialled. I wanted to make a contribution for future patients with these issues.”

Madeline Bell, CRN Kent, Surrey and Sussex Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Lead said: “We are delighted to share the results of the PRES for Kent, Surrey and Sussex again this year. The continued increase in the proportion of our participants completing the PRES is a testament to the commitment of our NHS and wider partners to making sure that everyone who takes part in health and care research is offered an opportunity to share their experience. The offer of PRES is now further embedded in the practice of our partners and the feedback is regularly reviewed by teams to offer participants the best experience possible.

“PRES also offers a window into many of the reasons that people choose to take part in research, or what might discourage them, which helps us in our wider work to improve equity of access to health and care research for all.

“On behalf of us all at CRN KSS, I would like to thank our participants for trusting us with their experiences and to acknowledge the significant efforts of our partners in making this possible. As a community, we will continue to look at ways to act on areas for improvement, to share best practices and to work with patients and the public in how we act on PRES insights.”

To read more of the results, visit the CRN KSS Patients, Carers and Public webpage