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FACT: a search tool to locate cancer research studies in Yorkshire and Humber

FACT (Find A Clinical Trial) is an online search tool designed for research staff to easily identify commercial and non-commercial cancer research studies that are running in the Yorkshire & Humber (Y&H) region. 

FACT was created to increase awareness and participation in suitable studies. The search tool works for participants of all ages. Yet, the app was created with the intention of increasing teenage and young adults’ participation in cancer studies by 25%. 

Historically, some cancer studies have age criteria, which excludes 17-year-olds, with cancer studies for children stopping at 16 and adult studies starting at 18. Indeed, FACT allows the user to filter by the exact age of the patient, facilitating the finding of suitable studies for teenagers and young adults. 

You can search for cancer studies in two different ways, search on a map and search by cards. Search on a map, you can immediately see the locations of studies that meet your search criteria. Search by Cards is for if you want to know if a study is taking place in a certain area. You can find studies with a range of criteria, such as Subspecialty, Phase, Study Design, Trust, Study ID, Short Name and Research Summary.  

How does it work?

FACT will launch on 13th September 2021. Request access now. Remember to bookmark the link, which is sent to you, as each user has a unique link.

The app will still be in its pilot phase for the next 3 months, and we hope to gather your thoughts and feedback, which you can do on FACT.