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Participant in Research Experience Survey | CRN Wessex

Participant experience is a key part of research delivery. By understanding the experiences of those who take part in health and care research, we can promote best practice and take steps to improve the research process for everyone involved.

Every year, we support staff to deliver the survey to research participants. The surveys are designed for anyone who has taken part in heath and care research to provide feedback on their experience. The results are shared nationally, alongside those from other regions, to give us a picture of participant experience across England.

Taking part in the survey

To complete the survey, please follow the link most relevant to you in the 'Quick Links' box at the top of the page. The survey will open in another tab and should take around five minutes to complete, depending on the level of detail you include.

You will see a question at the beginning, asking you to select your study name, code and research site. If you are unsure of any of these, please contact your study team directly. 

We encourage participants to be as open and honest as possible when providing feedback. Once you have completed the survey, click 'submit' and the page will refresh to confirm your submission.

The Participant in Research Experience Survey animation

An animation has been created to help explain the survey. Primarily aimed at research delivery staff it helps explain the importance of encouraging study participants to fill in the survey.

2022/23 Participant in Research Experience Survey results

There were 1,516 responses to the Participant in Research Experience Survey across Wessex in 2022/23 including for the first time participants who were children and young people. Results showed that:

  • 93% of adult participants agreed that the information they received before taking part prepared them for the study
  • 94% of adult participants felt they had been treated with courtesy and respect
  • 92% of adult participants agreed that they would consider taking part in another research study.


The Participant in Research Experience Survey provides research participants the opportunity to anonymously feedback about their experience.

This takes about five minutes and can be via a paper survey or an online form. In Wessex, 2022/23 saw an approximate 50/50 split in these administration methods.

It also saw the highest ever number of responses to the survey and the versions for children/young people being administered for the first time. The number of responses increased each quarter of the financial year.

Satisfaction was overwhelmingly positive but demonstrated a general trend of decreasing year on year for adults. The highest number of responses was from participants in infection, primary care, and cancer studies and the majority of respondents were taking part in their first research study.

With regards to demographics, there was a roughly equal split of male/female respondents, most were aged 70-79 years, and white, largely reflecting the characteristics of the research participants.

Communication and staff attitudes were the largest of the six themes identified and staff attitudes were overwhelmingly positive. However, the lack of study findings and refreshments continued to be issues along with delayed payment of expenses.

Feedback was also received around the proximity of venues and parking/signposting along with study design/data collection challenges for a couple of studies in particular.

A number of improvement projects were implemented to address the findings from 2021/22 which included posters to increase reach and the number of responses to the survey as well as statements to escalate participants’ concerns, both locally and nationally.

Similarly, a number of initiatives to increase reach and response are planned looking forward to 2023/24, along with escalating study design/data collection issues for the couple of studies identified, and taking an Appreciative Inquiry/strength based approach as well as encouraging real time impact.

Contact us

For the full 2022/23 PRES report for Wessex please see links below:

For more information about the survey or to request an alternative format, please contact the communications team.

For information on the Participant in Research Experience Survey results for 2021/22 please go to the 2021/22 report.