As part of the national study support service, the local network facilitates the site identification process and provides local intelligence on the research team's capacity, capability and performance. Furthermore, we support early feasibility queries by gathering feedback from the clinical specialty leads in our region to provide comprehensive information about local patient pathways and study feasibility.

Early contact and engagement

We encourage researchers to come to us at the earliest opportunity so that we can provide the full range of benefits to you for your study, which include support with cost attribution, assistance with grant applications, protocol development and signposting to funders with calls for applications.

Early feedback

The Study Support team are able to deliver comprehensive and efficient early feedback on your study, offering advice and guidance on study complexity, patient population, timelines and recruitment strategy.  The aim of this service is to optimise set-up and delivery of the study across multiple sites enabling the study to reach its milestones and targets.

Effective study set-up

Our service uses a national approach to ensure that your study is set-up as quickly and efficiently as possible across all sites.  As a network we are able to build on central knowledge and skills to create a bespoke plan for your study.  We work closely with the research team to provide proactive solutions and recommendations to other networks and sites that enable R&D departments to assess site capacity and capability swiftly.

Site Identification

We offer a national approach to site identification, through which all NHS Organisations and General Practices can be notified of your study and provide an expression of interest. Following which you can engage directly with the interested sites to enable site selection.

Optimising delivery

For commercial studies with pre-selected sites, our site intelligence service forms part of the assessment to determine eligibility for access to CRN study support. It complements existing feasibility by using local site and study intelligence and expertise, including any competing or previous studies.

Performance monitoring

Our data systems collate local site information providing study-wide oversight to support proactive performance monitoring. Here at the CRN South West Peninsula our Research Delivery Managers work closely with the research teams and R&D departments to ensure that recruitment to time and target is attained. This enables early identification of any issues that may arise and enables a swift resolution. For our lead LCRN studies we also work closely with our Chief Investigators and the Sponsor Representative.

Social media and recruitment

Social media can be a cheap and effective way to engage large numbers of people through computers and, commonly, smart phones. 

Contact us

Maxine Hough - Study Support Service Co-ordinator and Specialist Research Nurse

Tel: 01392 403148