Our Study Support Service is here to help with portfolio studies, where south London is the lead local Clinical Research Network (CRN), including those that might be eligible for adoption onto the NIHR portfolio. We work with researchers from the initial idea stage through to the end of recruitment to the study.  Our team can assist with studies in both the NHS and in the wider health and social care environment.

We offer a friendly, bespoke service that takes your project’s uniqueness into account.  The team works with academic researchers and companies on both non-commercial and commercial studies.

Our team supports non-commercial studies in the following ways:

  • signposting and providing general advice
  • adoption support onto the NIHR portfolio
  • support researchers with study costs based on Attribution Costs for Research and Development
  • support researchers with Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Templates (SoECAT)
  • providing a CRN letter of support for your grant application
  • helping to identify suitable sites for your study across the NHS, general practices, and non-NHS organisations
  • feasibility support
  • assisting with any issues encountered during the study's life cycle

We support commercial studies in the following ways:

  • signposting and providing general advice
  • adoption support onto the NIHR portfolio
  • reviewing and signing off the interactive Costing Tool
  • supporting a local feasibility assessment of your study
  • helping to identify suitable or additional sites in south London
  • providing intelligence on pre-selected sites
  • assisting with potential issues you might encounter during the study’s life cycle

More information

Our Study Support Service is holding introductory training sessions to explain the work of the team to researchers, research and development teams within NHS trusts and other colleagues working on clinical trials in south London. The training sessions are only set up on Microsoft Teams, for up to one hour, once sufficient expressions of interest have been submitted, so if you would like to attend a session, or to arrange one for your team, please email crnsouthlondon@nihr.ac.uk

If you have a question, or need study support, please email studysupport.crnslondon@nihr.ac.uk.

You’ll find more information on the national Study Support Service webpages.

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