Supporting research

Research staff working for us and for our partner organisations provide exceptional support for clinical research throughout the region.

Discover clinical research going on in south London from the people carrying it out via our latest faculty news.

Information is also available about the roles of employees working across the national Clinical Research Network.

Our research

Our focus has moved to encompass a broad range of activities aiming to support the national programme for Recovery, Resilience and Growth of the clinical research portfolio. We aim to support a fully diverse portfolio of research that reflects the diversity of our local population and represents the strength of services offered by our partners across health and social care. We have, as a system, integrated research into COVID-19 into our research delivery strategy.

We launched a call for strategic funding for 2022/2023 with our NHS partners in January 2022 that has now closed. Alongside the call for strategic funding, there was an aligned call to support a broad ambition to reach out to our under-served communities, a response to bids was provided in late February. There will be on-going opportunities for additional resources to ensure that we reach those communities who would benefit the most from our support.

We regularly post news and updates about our research activity.

Life sciences industry service

The government has committed to working with the life sciences industry to deliver first class clinical research in the NHS.

To achieve this, the NIHR is funded to manage a broad research infrastructure that includes expert individuals, research facilities and technology platforms.

Get in touch with our industry operations team for more information by emailing

Funding model

The model by which funding is distributed each year is agreed annually by our Partnership Board. The distribution model for 2022/2023 has been agreed, with specific principles finalised to support our strategy.

Early discussions for the funding models for 2023/2024 and beyond have started this month.

Short term contingency funding

The application process for 2022/2023 contingency bids will open in June 2022. Further details will be provided nearer the time. Please email for details.

Strategic research delivery and development funding for clinicians

For the past seven years, we have delivered an initiative to engage upcoming and new Principal Investigators and Co-Investigators for NIHR non-commercial portfolio studies. This 'Greenshoots' initiative has been successful at supporting new investigators and in providing effective delivery to emerging research.

The application process for our current 'Greenshoots' scheme for 2022/2023 has now closed and applicants informed of the outcome. We hope to launch a new call for 'Greenshoots' applications for the 2023/2024 cohort in December 2023.

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