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We are committed to delivering high quality training to research staff throughout our region, that are involved in the conduct of studies accepted onto the NIHR CRN Portfolio.

Access to such training enables research staff to understand their own roles and responsibilities and to conduct studies to the highest ethical and scientific standards.

We run regular courses across the region on wide range of topics, including those listed below (each of the links will take you to the NIHR Learn log in page):

You can see many of our upcoming courses in our current brochure which you can request by emailing nenclearning@nihr.ac.uk. You can book places on our courses by visiting NIHR Learn.

Research Mentor Directory

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a one-to-one learning activity which can be highly effective at accelerating the development of an individual’s professional knowledge and skill. It utilises the support of someone who has experience and expertise in their role.

The Research Mentor Directory is designed to support this development by bringing together mentors with people who will benefit from their specific knowledge and experience. The Research Mentor Directory is freely available to anyone working within a public healthcare environment.

Who can be a mentor

Anyone can be a mentor. If you are working in a research related role; even if you have only been in a role for a short time, it is likely you will have picked up knowledge and skills that will be of value to someone. You do not need special training or formal development to be a mentor, all you need is the desire to help others and some time to do it.

Who can access mentoring?

Mentoring can benefit anyone The directory is freely available for anyone who is seeking mentor support to develop their clinical research skills and career. All you need to do is register and create a profile.

Using the Research Mentor Directory

Registering as a mentor or client

Registering in the directory is quick and easy, either as a mentor or client. Simply create a profile with your email address and include a brief background and summary of the topics you would either like support in, or would like to support someone else. A full guide to using the mentor directory can be found here.

Note that many successful mentors have their own mentors and the directory supports this duality of role. See the User Guide for more information about how to register and use the directory.

Mentoring good practice and supporting documents

While successful mentoring is predicated upon an effective relationship between the mentor and client, there is no single best model or approach; every mentoring relationship is unique and based upon the needs of the client. There are, however, some things that are common across all effective relationships.

Courses and Funding

NIHR Learn

NIHR Learn gives you access to publicly available courses, NIHR e-learning and all courses provided across the country by the NIHR and CRN. To browse the courses and book please visit NIHR Learn. Please be aware if you have not registered with CRN Learn you will need to do so first using a work based email address. If you have an NIHR Hub/email account you can log in using this. 

NENC Induction

Are you new to the network or to clinical research generally? This induction resource is suitable for anyone involved in research or anyone who would like to know more about clinical research and the role of the Clinical Research Network. The resource is hosted on NIHR Learn.

Leadership development

The NHS North East Leadership Academy (NELA) provides a wide range of services including learning programmes, tools and resources designed to develop leaders and managers to improve health services for patients and communities throughout the North East of England. To find out how the academy can support your leadership journey please visit www.nelacademy.nhs.uk.

Delegation and Training Decision Aid

A key principle of good research in health and social care is that everyone involved is qualified to carry out their responsibilities and duties by education, training and experience.

Sometimes, this principle is approached as a requirement for all individuals involved in research to complete GCP training, regardless of their specific duties. While GCP training is important and foundational for many people involved in research, there are circumstances in which completing a full GCP course is not necessarily the most effective approach. There are also situations where GCP training alone is not enough. 

Other Learning Opportunities

The NIHR has a range of resources to support you to develop your understanding, skills and expertise in clinical research.

The NIHR Academy

The NIHR Academy is responsible for the development and coordination of NIHR academic training, career development and research capacity development.

The academy plays a pivotal role in attracting, training and supporting the best health and care researchers to tackle the complex challenges of the future. The training and career development awards provided complement the additional NIHR investment in world-class research facilities and a skilled research workforce.

HEE-NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic Programme

The HEE-NIHR Integrated Clinical Academic Programme provides research training awards for healthcare professionals, excluding doctors and dentists, who wish to develop careers that combine clinical research and research leadership with continued clinical practice and professional development.

Massive Open Online Courses

The NIHR CRNCC in conjunction with the University of Leeds Digital Education Service, and Futurelearn, have created two Massive Open Online Courses. The courses are free and they run multiple times during the year. Click on each of the titles below for more information and follow the links to join.

What is Health Research?

Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research

If you have a query please contact us at nencLearning@nihr.ac.uk

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