A single point of contact 

We have an integrated approach  to supporting research in the region. We offer a range of services across the research pathway to help study feasibility, set-up and delivery to time and target.

A single point of contact allows us to offer an efficient support service for both commercial and non-commercial studies. 

(e) researchsupport.crngm@nihr.ac.uk (please contact this address in the first instance) 

(t) 0161 276 8074

Supporting the life sciences and healthcare innovation industries 

We work closely with research teams across the region and have strong links with key sponsors, Clinical Research Organisations (CROs) and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). 

We provide: 

  • dedicated research support
  • enthusiastic research teams embedded within local health services
  • competitive performance data that demonstrates our local strengths and opportunities

Our commercial recruitment to time and target stood at 86% in 2018/19.

Study Support Service 

We have a dedicated Study Support Service for all studies eligible for support, regardless of study type, study size, therapy or research area. Whether a study is medical, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, bio-tech or is looking at healthy populations of people with social care needs, we can help.

We provide: 

  • early contact and engagement
  • early feedback
  • site identification
  • advice for optimising delivery
  • effective study set-up
  • performance monitoring

Pharma testimonial   

Bob Shepherd, Syantra Inc President and Chief Executive Officer, describes how CRN Greater Manchester has helped support the delivery of a breast cancer detection study...


 Video transcript



CRO testimonial 

Lianne Riley, from Veristat, explains how CRN Greater Manchester helped find a suitable site for a sponsor and provides continued support...

I have worked with CRN Greater Manchester since May 2019 when I had a sponsor that was looking for additional oncology sites in advanced melanoma - which is such a huge unmet need. The team at CRN GM said they would be happy to work with me to identify further sites. They did just that. The sponsor had tried to get into a local trust but had no luck. CRN GM made it happen.

"For me in the CRO industry, to have these connections with CRN GM, so that our sponsors’ studies can be placed in key sites that will deliver, is so valuable. I know CRN GM will continue to support the study throughout set-up and recruitment to ensure we, as the CRO, deliver for our clients."

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