We work with researchers across the East Midlands to enable the delivery of high-quality clinical research in the NHS and social care.

Workforce Development Team

Our Workforce Development Team provides learning and development opportunities to develop research as an attractive career option across the East Midlands.

Study Support Service

Our Study Support Service offers a range of support across the research pathway to enable the successful delivery of clinical research studies.

Primary Care Team

Our Primary Care Team works with partners across the East Midlands to deliver research in Primary Care settings.

Direct Delivery Team

With a multidisciplinary team of research ready professionals, our Direct Delivery Team (DDT) can be deployed to support research across all specialties and all settings, throughout the research pathway. 

Our team can be deployed on any NIHR Portfolio study. We have swift approval systems in place to ensure the placement of staff as soon as possible. In addition, if you want to conduct a commercial study but need support in place until funding arrives to be able to recruit research support staff, we can help. The team can support research delivery in many ways, including:

  • Guidance with set-up
  • Participant recruitment and follow-up
  • Clinical measurements
  • Creating and/or maintaining trail databases
  • Administrative duties

Life Sciences Industry

We have a strong history of collaboration with industry and are committed to the impact that clinical research can make to patient care. Our region offers a fantastic network including key opinion leaders, research centres of excellence within leading teaching hospitals and collaboration with academia. Our dedicated core team for the Life Sciences Industry can help with:

  • Proactive support and guidance for coordinating set up through to site initiation and then study recruitment and performance
  • Continuous monitoring of recruitment rates, identifying problems early at a local and national level and facilitating opportunities for effective resolution
  • Specialty Leads funded to provide clinical leadership to drive research
  • Single tracking system with detailed intelligence on the set-up and recruitment performance of all Portfolio commercial research across the region
  • Single point of contact leading into an efficient escalation process

You can get in touch with our Life Sciences Industry team at industry.crneastmidlands@nihr.ac.uk 

Social Care research

We help researchers to deliver studies in social care settings. We also support social care settings to become accredited research delivery sites so people receiving this care can benefit from research.


Our ENRICH network brings together care home staff, residents and their families with researchers. It provides a toolkit of resources to help care homes make the most of research and researchers to set up and run studies effectively and collaboratively in care homes. Your local contact can be found here

Research in hospices

We deliver the NIHR's Consortium for Hospice and Community Research in the East Midlands. Our aim is to increase recruitment from the hospice and community sectors to research studies supported by the Clinical Research Network. We help to connect researchers with suitable local hospices where research studies looking at palliative care can be conducted with the consent of patients and their families.

Research in other settings

We also support the delivery of research in other non-NHS settings including schools, colleges and prisons.

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