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Technology Support Programme 2 (TSP2) - Terms of Reference


Technology Support Programme 2 (TSP2) - Terms of Reference


The Technology Support Programme 2 (TSP2) is co-lead by the Local Clinical Research Network Wessex (LCRN) and Wessex Academic Health Science Network (AHSN).

It aims to build collaborations capable of securing funding for MedTech innovators. The goal of the programme is to bring together your innovative new technologies with clinical expertise and researchers across Wessex, helping you to apply for, and secure, targeted funding opportunities for evidence generation in the Wessex health and care research system.


TSP2 will support health and care technologies and devices (MedTech) aligned to targeted funding opportunities. Innovators must be a UK registered company or a UK academic. Innovations not meeting the criteria of the funding opportunity will not be adopted by TSP2. The research project must be conducted within the Wessex health and care research system.


  1. The Wessex LCRN and Wessex AHSN will identify upcoming funding resources suitable for the TSP2.
  2. Call to innovators will be open for 4-8 weeks (depending on the funding opportunity). Innovators will be asked to complete the TSP2 application form and the AHSN engagement form.
  3. The LCRN/AHSN will review the application forms and identify innovators who are suitable for funding collaborations with clinicians and academics within the Wessex health and care research organisations. This triage will also determine the credibility of the innovators and their technologies.
  4. Innovations requiring further evidence will be asked to either gather further information, or not be adopted by the TSP2 as their innovation is deemed unsuitable for research collaboration or implementation.
  5. The LCRN/AHSN and innovators will produce an innovation summary document describing the innovation, its clinical need and suitability for a grant application.
  6. The innovation summary document and questionnaire are distributed to an expert panel and suitable specialists. Panel members will assess the value and viability of the innovation and how it may be integrated into care pathways. They have two weeks to provide their feedback.
  7. Within one week after the above step a summary document containing feedback on the application will be sent back to the innovator. This feedback will inform the innovator is they have been accepted into the TSP2.
  8. Selected innovators will be asked to give a 15-minute presentation to the expert panel, followed by up to 20 minutes of further questions one to two weeks later. All presenters will receive further feedback, advice and, where appropriate, signposting to other opportunities.
  9. Innovators will be to be provided feedback from the LCRN/AHSN within a week of their presentations to the expert panel.
  10. Successful innovators will be invited to form collaborations with clinicians and academics from within Wessex, and complete applications for the targeted funding opportunity 4-8 weeks ahead of their deadlines.

Information Governance

The TSP2 innovator review and feedback process should be treated as ‘in confidence’ by all parties involved. Companies and innovators will provide information surrounding their technologies and the areas for which they want feedback. However, there is no guarantee that all those who will be sent the documents for feedback will be bound by a non-disclosure agreement. The feedback provided on the innovation will be held within the Wessex Local Clinical Research Network (LCRN) and Wessex Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) networks. Information submitted could be subject to Freedom of Information requests.