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CRN Kent, Surrey and Sussex Funding Model 2023/24


The NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN) is directly funded by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC).

CRN Kent, Surrey and Sussex which is part of the NIHR CRN, received £16,567, 274 in 23/24 as part of this funding.

Funding Allocation for CRN Kent, Surrey and Sussex 23/24

A detailed breakdown of the funding allocation for CRN Kent, Surrey & Sussex for the financial year 23/24 is outlined below:

Table 1:

2023/24 Core Allocation (excl Top-sliced and ETC Service Funding) £16,413,988
ETC Service Funding £65,776
Public Health Prevention Research Funding * £87,510
Total pre top-sliced £16,567,274
Total Allocation £16,567,274
Ring-fenced spend
(This is already included in the total allocation, and is NOT additional)
Transformation of Research Delivery £909,091
Targeting Under-served Communities
(minimum spend)


*Public Health Prevention Funding is separate from CRN funding.

Included in this allocation is the ring fenced spend on Transformation of Research Delivery and a minimum of 2% on targeting underserved communities. This is following the DHSC directive.

Table 2: Local Funding Breakdown 2023/24

Breakdown of the £16,567,274  
ETC administration (fixed cost) £65,776
Public Health £87,510
Ring fenced: Transformation £909,091
Ring fenced: Under-served  £319,300
2% Host funding £319,300
3% Clinical Leadership £478, 949.67
10% Core Funding £1,647,587
Partner A allocation £12,511,884
Other Partners £132,745
System Delivery Contingency £95,130.93

Local Funding Model 23/24 for Partner A organisations

CRN KSS Strategic Planning and Funding Group (SPFG) reviewed the current local funding model alongside those used by other LCRN’s. A number of different models were worked through with the Executive Leadership opting for the funding model outlined below for 23/24:

  • No Top Slice
  • Fixed % - (80%) - based on previous years allocations.
  • Cap & Collar - +5% and -5% cap and collar to be applied where necessary.
  • Variable % - (20%). Based on retrospective Value for Money (VFM) calculations. This calculation was based on an average across financial years to take account of variations seen as a result of the pandemic.
  • Duration - 1 year until the end of contract in March 2024.