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CRN East Midlands Specialty Leads


CRN East Midlands Specialty Leads

This document will give you information about the CRN East Midlands Specialty Leads, and how to get in touch with them.


Dr Mamta Garg, Clinical Lead - Haematological Cancer -

Mrs Harriet Savage,  Research Delivery Manager -

Bryony Berridge, Research Operations Manager -

Professor Stuart Smith, Sub-Specialty Lead - Brain Cancer -

Mr Amit Goyal, Sub-Specialty Lead - Breast Cancer -

Mr Baljit Singh, Sub-Specialty Lead - Colorectal Cancer -

Dr Roshan Agarwal, Sub-Specialty Lead - Gynaecological Cancer -

Mr Christopher Avery, Sub-Specialty Lead - Head and Neck Cancer -

Dr Rajini Sudhir, Sub-Specialty Lead - Lung Cancer -

Vacant post, Sub-Specialty Lead - Melanoma/Skin Cancer

Dr Madhumita Dandapani, Sub-Specialty Lead - Paediatric Cancer -

Dr Ivo Hennig, Sub-Specialty Lead - Sarcoma/TYA -

Dr Santhanam Sundar, Sub-Specialty Lead - Urological Cancer -

Professor Christina Faull, Sub-Specialty Lead, Palliative Care -


Diabetes, Stroke, Cardiovascular Disease, Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders, Renal

Professor Jonathan Barratt, Clinical Lead -

Mrs Harpal Ghattoraya, Research Delivery Manager -

Precina Pankhania, Research Operations Manager -

Kathryn Percival, Research Operations Manager -

Professor Gerry McCann, Specialty Lead - Cardiovascular -

Professor Melanie Davies Specialty Lead - Diabetes -

Dr Narendra Reddy, Specialty Lead - Metabolic and Endocrine -

Professor Nick Selby, Specialty Lead - Renal -

Dr Tim England, Specialty Lead - Stroke -

Children, Genetics, Haematology, Reproductive Health and Childbirth

Dr Elaine Boyle, Clinical Lead - Children (South) -

Mrs Harriet Savage,  Research Delivery Manager -

Bryony Berridge, Research Operations Manager -

Shalini Ojha, Specialty Lead - Children (North) -

Dr Abhijit Dixit, Specialty Lead - Genetics -

Dr Mamta Garg, Specialty Lead - Haematology -

Dr Nia Jones, Specialty Lead - Reproductive Health and Childbirth -

Dementia and Neurodegeneration, Neurological Disorders, Mental Health

Professor Martin Orrell, Clinical Lead -

Mrs Karen Pearson, Research Delivery Manager -

Professor Tom Dening, Specialty Lead - Dementia and Neurodegeneration -

Dr Sudheer Lankappa, Specialty Lead - Mental Health -

Dr Radu Tanasescu, Specialty Lead - Neurological Disorders -

Dr Gill Sare, Sub-Specialty Lead - Huntingdon's Disease -

Dr Jonathan Evans, Sub-Specialty Lead - Parkinson's Disease -

Dr Sumeet Singhal, Sub-Specialty Lead - Epilepsy -

Dr Akram Hosseini, Sub-Specialty Lead - Neurodegeneration -

Dr Jonathan Evans, Sub-Specialty Lead - Parkinson's Disease -


Aging, Muscoskeletal Disorders, Dermatology, Health Services Research, Primary Care (including Oral and Dentistry) and Public Health

Mrs  Harpal Ghattoraya, Research Delivery Manager -

Precina Pankhania, Research Operations Manager -

Kathryn Percival, Research Operations Manager -

Dr Bhupinder Dawett, Specialty Lead - Oral and Dental -

Dr Jatinder Minhas, Specialty Lead - Ageing -

Dr Lisa Kirby, Specialty Lead - Dermatology North -

Dr Graham Johnston, Specialty Lead - Dermatology South -

Dr Kenny Sunmboye Specialty Lead, - Musculoskeletal disorders -

Dr Simon Royal, Specialty Lead - Primary Care North -

Dr Jaspal Taggar, Specialty Lead - Primary Care South -

Professor Mo Ray, Specialty Lead - Social Care -

Dr Joanne Morling, Specialty Lead - Public Health -

Anaesthesia, Peri-op/Pain, Critical Care, Injuries and Emergencies, Surgery, Ear Nose and Throat, Infectious Diseases and Microbiology, Opthalmology, Respiratory, Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Professor Chris Brightling,  Co-Clinical Research Lead -

Professor Manish Pareek, Co-Clinical Research Lead,

Mrs Karen Pearson, Research Delivery Manager -

Dr Karim Shoukrey, Specialty Lead - Anaesthesia / Peri-Op and Pain Management -

Dr Dan Harvey, Specialty Lead - Critical Care -

Neeraj Sethi, Specialty Lead - Ear, Nose and Throat -

Helen Henshaw, Specialty Lead - Ear, Nose and Throat -

Dr Ajay Verma, Specialty Lead - Gastroenterology -

Dr Andrew Austin, Specialty Lead - Hepatology -

Dr Manish Pareek, Specialty Lead - Infectious Diseases and Microbiology -

Professor Frank Coffey, Specialty Lead - Injuries and Emergencies,

Mr Anthony King, Specialty Lead - Ophthalmology -

Professor Chris Brightling, Specialty Lead - Respiratory -

Dr Ravinder Vohra, Specialty Lead - Surgery -

Mr  Amit Goyal, Sub-specialty Lead - Surgery (Breast) -

Mr Baljit Singh, Sub-specialty Lead - Surgery (Colorectal) -

Dr Miles Levy, Sub-specialty Lead - Surgery (Endocrine) -

Mr Christopher Avery, Sub-specialty Lead - Surgery (Head and Neck) -

Mr Surajit Basu, Sub-specialty Lead - Surgery (Neurosurgery) -

Mr Chris Bainbridge, Sub-specialty Lead - Surgery (Plastics and Hand) -

Mr Alun Williams, Sub-specialty Lead - Surgery (Transplant) -

Miss Alison Armstrong, Sub-specialty Lead - Surgery (Trauma and Orthopaedics) -