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Brian - Care Study


Brian Birch from Staffordshire took part in the CARE 75+ research study which explores how health problems and frailty may develop in later life for a number of reasons. He at first thought the study title seemed interesting and was flattered to be asked to take part as a representative from his community. Brian felt that looking at the variances of health between the differing populations being studied would be beneficial to the medical profession. He was also interested in the prospect of his health being monitored over the next four years to see if any changes occurred over this time period. 

Brian felt that the information provided was easily understood and any queries he had were of a social nature, such as how he would have to take part in the study, either at the GP surgery or at home. He preferred that the visits took place at his home.  

Brian reported the study to have been a very pleasant experience and liked the ability to be able to chat to a person in his home. He found some of the questions to be a little ambiguous but the physical measurements were helpful, in as much as he felt he was helping us with our research, he could also monitor his weight and water percentage for example. Brian was also pleased to have his blood pressure monitored and it reassured him that his medication and health were all going in the right direction. He would recommend this study as he found it interesting to participate in. He liked the flexibility of the nurses, who fitted in around his needs and he found there to be no inconvenience in taking part. 

Prior to taking part in the CARE 75+ study, Brian had taken part in research, sharing his experience of being a Critical Care patient at University Hospital North Midlands to approximately 200 people. He added that Research Nurse, Lucy Rosenberg who visited him for the study visits was both very punctual and helpful.