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Alfred Bentley - Care Study


Alfred Bentley from Shropshire had not been involved in research prior to taking part in the CARE study, which explores how health problems and frailty may develop in later life.  He shared with us that his wife sadly died of cancer and this was a contributing factor in his decision to consent to participate in a clinical trial.  

Alfred added that participating in research is a good idea as it will benefit other people and the community.   Prior to participating in CARE 75+, he received a lot of information about explaining the study and his involvement.   

He said ‘I gave my time gladly and liked having the nurses visiting me, research does brighten the days up and is something I have looked forward to’.   He also found the study measurements and questions easy to follow and answer.  

Alfred added: ‘I will tell other people about research and I would definitely like to take part in other studies’.