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Case study: Your Path In Research - Dr Jane Masoli

Your Path In Research - Dr Jane Masoli

This month the NIHR is celebrating #YourPathInResearch by shining a light on the interesting and varied opportunities to engage in health and care research as part of your career. We contacted Dr Jane Masoli, a Specialist Registrar in Geriatric Medicine and NIHR Doctoral Fellow at University of Exeter Medical School and Royal Devon & Exeter NHS Foundation Trust, to find out more about her experience having a career in research in the South West.

Why you got involved in research and how?

I was always interested in cardiovascular and ageing research and contributed a systematic review forming part of the ALS guidelines under mentorship, which showed me the pathway from research to clinical translation. I was then appointed to an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellow post as a registrar in geriatric medicine and now am finishing my NIHR-funded PhD. 

What you are currently working on?

I am finishing my PhD as an NIHR doctoral fellow on BP and co-morbidity in older adults. I am also working on COVID-19 studies including COG-UK, mapping the viral genetics to understand spread. I am a trainee representative on the NIHR Ageing CRN and we are about to launch an Early Career Researchers Network, supported by the NIHR. 

What research offers you and your career?

I have been successful in gaining funding through the NIHR that has enabled me to embed research into my clinical training, to develop specific research interests, receive exceptional training opportunities and to move towards a career in clinical research in ageing. 

Why you think others should consider a career in research?

You can do research that applies to the patient in front of you, to the problems that you face clinically and to address unanswered questions. For me, research provides different challenges and opportunities to my clinical work, and it is both the contrast and synergy that keeps me interested in both.

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