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Case studies

  • Image of James, new NWC ENRICH Lead

    Meet James, our new North West Coast ENRICH Lead

    09 February 2023

    "Signing up to ENRICH does not mean that you would be obligated to take part in any research, we just want to be able to reach the right people who can make a decision about whether or not they would be interested in participating or contributing"

  • Mandy Williams

    My experience of Research for the Future, Mandy Williams

    08 November 2022

    "I’ve written this article to promote Research for the Future and encourage everyone to get involved. It would be great if we could get everyone registered and all get involved in being a part of future research.”

  • Rachel Murphy

    Your Path in Research, Rachel Murphy, Social Worker

    07 November 2022

    “Upon my return to work from the pre-doctoral fellowship, I moved into a temporary Research Development role within the Local Authority, which involves working with universities and communities collaboratively, and driving forward the research agenda within the Council. I feel excited for the future and look forward to generating more interest in practitioner research among colleagues, and seeing the benefits of this within the Local Authority.”

  • BHM

    Recognising Black History Month in the North West Coast

    27 October 2022

    "It is about engaging the ethnic minority population to encourage them to participate. Minority participation in clinical trials is an important topic in public health discussions because this representation touches on issues of equality and the elimination of disparities, which are core values of the field."

  • Volunteering to take part in a COVID-19 vaccine trial

    12 January 2021

    "I decided to take part in the trial because I've seen the impact of COVID-19 on friends and family, some of whom have had to shield because they are vulnerable. It has been devastating to see how many people haven't been able to see loved ones for such a long time, and taking part in a trial feels like a small way I can help with that."