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CRN Greater Manchester Core Team blog series: The Finance Team

Meet the Faces Behind the Numbers, the CRN Greater Manchester Finance Team

Welcome to our blog, where we're thrilled to lift the curtain on the engine that keeps our network's financial cogs turning, the CRN Greater Manchester Finance Team. Often working behind the scenes, we play a crucial role in managing our financial health, ensuring financial compliance, and supporting the strategic initiatives that drive the success of our network.

The Heartbeat of Research

Finance is pivotal to what we do, and it's pretty simple: without funding, we cannot do research. We strive to make the finance process as simple as possible to drive improved outcomes for our population's benefit. Every penny we get must count, guaranteeing the best use of public funding.

Navigating the Finance Landscape

Navigating the intricacies of research finance can be challenging, and we provide support across all aspects, from general financial management to the NIHR Portfolio. From funding streams to regulatory frameworks, cost attribution to cost recovery, contracting and collaborative partnerships. We navigate this landscape with financial expertise, attention to detail, and a commitment to upholding the highest standards of transparency and compliance.

A Day in the Life

No day is ever the same and usually begins with a morning catch-up to discuss priorities, ongoing projects, and any updates from the "frontline". Armed with our trusted companions, spreadsheets and calculators, we start crunching the numbers, responding to emails, attending meetings, liaising with researchers, project managers, CRN colleagues, external stakeholders, and partners, and preparing reports and returns. We foster a culture of continuous improvement, regularly reviewing processes, seeking feedback, and implementing changes.

More Than Numbers

Our Finance Team is not just about numbers; most importantly, it's about people. Knowing we are positively contributing to changing lives, saving lives, and improving outcomes is a fantastic feeling, and that's why we do what we do. The impact of the finance team extends far beyond spreadsheets and balance sheets. While we may not directly interact with research participants, our work is pivotal in enabling and advancing research.

Demystifying Research Finance

We're here to help demystify research finance and showcase its impact on advancing health and care through research. Whether you're a colleague, a researcher, a student, or simply someone interested in learning more about the world of research finance, we welcome the opportunity to share our insights, answer questions, or chat over a brew; please don't hesitate to reach out.

CRN Greater Manchester Finance Team

Anne-Marie McBride - Finance Manager 

Ajith Kumar - Finance Analyst 

December 2023 

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