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CRN Greater Manchester Core Team Blog Series: Industry and Business Development

Blog Business Development Manager 210923

We have had a busy and exciting start to 2023/24 since April! Firstly, we have implemented new digital tools to support our commercial study growth across the region. We have a new automated site identification system to move towards an ‘opt-out’ approach for faster, more efficient response time for industry sponsored feasibility.

Greater Manchester's successful commercial delivery over the last 10 years was showcased in the Lord O’Shaughnessy review. In terms of industry delivery, our partner organisations are building on last year’s success with recruitment of a first-global patient, a first European patient and a first UK patient. This shows that Greater Manchester is still beating national average timelines by accelerating study start up and offering our region the newest treatment options - keeping the patient at the heart of everything we do in Greater Manchester for inclusive involvement, relevant research and ensuring an exceptional experience.

Continuing to strive for more opportunities for our population, we have hosted a visit with one of our Contract Research Organisation (CRO) partners. Here, we were able to showcase different teams and facilities across the region, including a tour around the research van. The company was impressed with the different delivery methods across Greater Manchester and this gave them food for thought when planning their pipeline, taking into consideration alternative, decentralised trial methodology. Further face to face visits are in the planning stages with other industry partners.

We recently attended our first joint collaboration meeting with another pharmaceutical company and CRN Yorkshire and Humber. We already work closely with CRN Yorkshire and Humber with other industry collaborations and this will further strengthen our relationships and the opportunities we are able to offer our local populations. There are ongoing discussions with our Coordinating Centre and high profile companies, as well as the vaccine innovation pathway group to increase the vaccine portfolio across our region.

Across the team, we continue to work with Greater Manchester organisations, such as Health Innovation Manchester, DiTA (the Diagnostics and Technology Accelerator) and Bruntwood colleagues to support MedTech and SMEs during their research journey.

Kat Moklak-Dutton

Business Development Manager 

September 2023

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