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Yorkshire and Humber experience yet another year of fantastic research participant feedback.

Another year of fantastic research participant feedback

Participant experiences

In 2022, we witnessed another year of great levels of people participating in health and care research. In line with the NIHR CRN Yorkshire and Humber’s PPIE team’s annual improvement plan, the team undertook an investigation and analysis of feedback received from participants. Called the Participant Research Experience Survey (PRES), the information received brought to light many positives from various participants, as well as suggestions on how to improve experiences for those wanting to participate in research in the future.

The results of PRES were collated from 21 of CRN Yorkshire and Humber’s 22 partner organisations and gathered a total of 2,791 responses (2,756 adults and 35 children/young persons) - an increase of just over 300 responses compared to the year before (2,487).

Plenty of positive feedback

190 different studies were included in the PRES and the subsequent results from the were extremely good reading:

  • 98% felt the research staff treated them with courtesy and respect
  • 94% felt that researchers valued their taking part
  • 93% would consider taking part in research studies again
  • 93% thought the information received beforehand prepared them well
  • 92% knew how to contact someone from the research team with questions/concerns

The participants also gave back plenty of positive feedback based on their own personal experiences:

Each appointment or contact with the trial staff have always been handled with professionalism and courtesy. I was always made to feel at ease and valued when I had any queries and during all visits.”

“Staff very friendly and welcoming, always able to answer any questions. Also able to have a little laugh with them as well which helps lower any anxiety about the trial. Makes it all a much more relaxed environment.”

“Everyone's enthusiastic about the research we're taking part in and careful to make sure I'm fully informed and content at each step.”

“Staff were great, professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Excellent communication and all round excellent treatment of participants.”

Things to work on

As well as receiving an abundance of positive and productive feedback, the PRES did receive advice on areas where the experience could have been improved:

  • 18% felt that they didn’t know how they would receive the results of the research
  • 3% felt they would not consider taking part in research again
  • 3% said they didn’t know how to contact someone from the research team with questions

In 2021/22, we will be working with our partners to ensure that the areas for improvement outlined in PRES are addressed.

As well as these figures, participants once again were given the opportunity to give personal feedback on issues they came across, and possible areas of improvement:

“I would like to be more informed about the results of the trial, such as receiving links to publications”

“With the move back to more in-person appointments, more car parking for hospital visits would be beneficial”

“Mask wearing made communication slightly more difficult”

Great responses from the younger generations

The younger participants of the survey also returned favourable responses. Of the 35 children/young person participants:

  • 94% felt the research staff treat them with kindness and respect
  • 94% felt valued by the research team
  • 91% would consider taking part again
  • 91% know how to contact someone from the research team with questions
  • 71% felt that the information received at the start was easy to understand

On the whole C&YP feedback was overwhelmingly positive, however one comment expressed that they would have liked to have been kept up to date with the overall progress of the trial and to have seen the results.

If you are interested in participating in a study, head to the Be Part of Research website, where you can find recruiting trials taking place in your local area.