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The power of research participation - Dr Haymar Htun

Dr Haymar Htun

Dr Haymar Htun is a Research Doctor based at the NIHR Patient Recruitment Centre: Exeter.

We caught up with Haymar to find out more about the power of research, and why taking part in studies has many benefits for those who take part.


Hello, I’m Haymar, one of the Research Doctors at the NIHR PRC: Exeter based at the Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

We are extremely grateful for the time and effort that our participants contribute to our clinical trials. Without participants, we would not be able to bring cutting-edge and innovative medicines to current and future patients.

Here at the PRC: Exeter, we deliver clinical trials with professionalism and integrity whilst keeping the safety and experience of our participants as our number one priority.

In addition to having interactive discussions about our specific trials before participants take part, one aspect of my job that I enjoy is explaining the benefits of participating in research.

This includes:

  • Opportunities to access cutting-edge new treatments not widely available via the NHS
  • Having access to care delivered by experts in the field
  • Opportunities to help others who suffer from similar conditions both now and in the future
  • Potentially better health outcomes due to close monitoring, even if they receive a placebo. This is known as the ‘trial effect’

For many, it can also mean being part of the research community and keeping up-to-date with new treatment strategies and guidelines.

My dedicated colleagues and I are available if you have any questions and are interested in participating in any of our clinical trials

We look forward to hearing from you!

Get involved

Are you considering taking part in a research study, or have a relative who may be interested? Get in touch to find out how to get involved and #BePartofResearch