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Study finds sleep restriction therapy effective for insomnia

A University of Oxford study has found that sleep restriction therapy (SRT) significantly improves sleep and quality of life in people with insomnia. 

The HABIT trial looks into whether receiving SRT sessions, in addition to a sleep hygiene booklet on improving sleep quality, is more effective in regaining normal sleep pattern, compared to receiving the booklet without the sessions.

SRT is delivered by a nurse who reviews the sleep-wake pattern of participants and supports the implementation of a new, personalised sleep schedule over several weeks. 

After 6 months, 42% of those receiving SRT reported an improvement in their insomnia compared to 17% of those who did not receive the sessions. 

The trial recruited 642 participants across 35 GP surgeries in England, including 38 in Berkshire and 271 in Oxfordshire.

Read more on the University of Oxford website.