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South London research midwife urges other midwives to join the NIHR

A south London research midwife is urging healthcare professionals to consider a career with the NIHR to make a difference to future families.

Danielle Hake, who is NIHR CRN South London’s Lead Research Midwife, spoke on International Day of the Midwife to highlight the importance of midwives in the research process.

International Day of the Midwife celebrates the global midwife community and advocates for investment in quality midwifery care worldwide, improving sexual, reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health. Danielle said:

“Research midwives are essential in ensuring pregnant women and birthing people remain a priority on the agenda. We use our professional voices to ensure women are given the opportunity to take part in studies. Midwives work alongside doctors, other healthcare professionals, students and partner agencies to embed a research ethos that delivers better outcomes for pregnant women in maternity units.

“There is still much to learn and improve on when babies are born. Research plays a part in investigating issues and is fundamental to creating change in clinical practices, treatments or approaches. I’m proud to play my part in contributing to protecting women’s rights to safe, evidence-based and compassionate care.

“My message to anyone considering a career in midwifery research is: Go for it! If you want a varied career with opportunities to develop skills in people management, project delivery and clinical expertise, then research midwifery will offer you all of these things. My advice is to speak to your local research midwife, or I am always happy to help to answer any questions.”

Danielle works with a variety of teams within maternity units across south London. She also:

  1. Manages staff
  2. Helps to increase the opportunities for women to take part in research
  3. Runs research involvement activities for new parents across south London as part of her NIHR Research Midwife Champion role
  4. Helps the team remain adaptive to new opportunities

Reproductive Health is one of the largest recruiting specialties on the NIHR CRN portfolio. The NIHR is able to engage with approximately 700,000 women giving birth each year in the UK. You can find out more about Reproductive Health research on the NIHR’s website.