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South London CRP urges others to join Accredited Register

A Senior Clinical Research Practitioner (CRP) based in south London is urging eligible CRPs to join the CRP Accredited Register.

Clinical Research Practitioners work to deliver safe, ethical and high-quality clinical research care. They make up around 25% of the research workforce. They specialise in consent, data collection, and other study protocol activities and liaise with research investigators and research delivery teams.

Eligible CRPs have been able to join the Academy for Healthcare Science’s (AHCS) CRP Accredited Register since March 2021. Registration is a serious commitment to upholding standards and patient safety.

Andy Georgiou, who works for the NIHR CRN South London and has been a CRP for 13 years, believes the future is bright for the profession. He said:

“I have been a CRP for about 13 years now, and the most significant change I have seen over that time has been the introduction of the CRP professional registration. This change is important as it recognises the knowledge and experience of CRPs.

“There has never been a more exciting time to become a CRP. If you want to be at the cutting edge of medicine and are passionate about helping patients, this is the profession for you.

“I believe completing the CRP professional registration is the best way to stand out in an ever-changing research world. Historically, the CRP role has not been well defined, which has been frustrating for CRPs and those who work with them. Therefore, the professionalisation of the CRP role has been vital.

“CRPs are a hugely diverse staff group that brings a wealth of research knowledge and expertise to research delivery teams, working alongside the wider multi-disciplinary teams to deliver safe, ethical and high-quality clinical research care.”

Andy explained how his research career developed after he saw the positive impact research can have on people’s lives. He continued:

“After a short exposure to research during a placement in Rheumatology, I saw what a positive impact trials had on patient lives and from then on, I knew I wanted to get involved. I wanted to make a difference in delivering high-quality research care and improving treatments for patients now and in the future.”

The CRP Directory was launched in 2018 as a platform for developing a community of practice.

The Directory and Register is part of a national strategy led by the NIHR to enable the growth and professional development of CRP roles as a crucial part of the research delivery workforce. You can find out more on the AHCS website.