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Nearly 100,000 take part in research in North Thames in 2022/23

Almost 100,000 people took part in research supported by CRN North Thames in 2022/23, according to new figures released by the NIHR.

In total, 95,115 took part in research between April 2022 and March 2023, the figures show.

The number means that more than half a million people have taken part in research in the region over the last five years (553,764).

The news comes as NIHR has also revealed that nearly one million research participants across England took part in NIHR research in 2022/23.

Over 100 people in England were recruited every hour to take part - that’s enough people to fill Wembley Stadium over 10 and a half times.

In North Thames, the number of studies recruiting increased from 1,188 in 2021/22 to 1,360 in 2022/23. Across England, the number of portfolio studies in England is nearly 5,000. This gives patients more opportunities to take part in health and care research and potentially benefit from new and groundbreaking treatments.

The number of commercial studies supported by CRN North Thames grew in 2022/23, with 375 studies recruiting, up from 317 the previous year. Nationally, the number of commercial studies supported by the CRN in 2022/23 increased by almost 600 on pre-pandemic levels to 1,757. The number of new studies has also increased to 764 providing new opportunities for participation.

Dr Sharon Barrett, Chief Operating Officer at CRN North Thames, said: “It’s fantastic to see so many people getting involved in research in our region. This is testament not only to the willingness of members of the public to get involved but also the efforts of health and social care staff, supported by the NIHR, in delivering these studies.”

For more on the national statistics, visit this NIHR news item or the annual stats landing page.