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MARC Dementia Research Update Event

ED Vision article

CRN Wessex attended a fascinating conference on Tuesday to hear the latest update from the Memory Assessment & Research Centre (MARC)

The NIHR and CRN Wessex is proud to partner MARC, an award-winning centre which conducts clinical trials into mild cognitive impairment and different types of dementia. The aim of the research is to understand how to diagnose, treat, cure and prevent dementia. 

Every study is different. There are interventional studies (aiming to test new drugs and treatments) and there are observational studies (aiming to learn more about the brain and progression of memory problems). 

Some trials include:

  • Taking new medication that may improve memory
  • Thorough physical examinations including ECG and blood tests
  • Access to various scans (such as CT, MRI or PET) at a private hospital
  • Regular memory testing
  • Opportunity to speak with highly qualified and experienced staff. 

At Tuesday's conference we heard updates on recent trials from their Directors of Research, Clinical Research Fellows, Community Leaders and Friends of MARC. Topics included:

  • Advances in the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease 
  • Research update on Lewy body dementia
  • An update on MARC commercial research trials 
  • Inflammation in Dementia - new studies
  • Building Dementia research friendly communities

Members of the MARC research team were available to answer questions about how volunteers could help advance dementia care and treatments and to provide more details about careers in research at MARC. 

At the end of the conference we bid a sad farewell to Professor Clive Holmes who is retiring from his role after a dedicated and successful thirty years with MARC