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CRN West of England publishes report showcasing feedback from participants

A report has been published by the Clinical Research Network (CRN) West of England showing the analysis of feedback received from participants who took part in research across the region.

From the beginning of April 2022 until the end of March 2023, 2,619 people completed a survey about their experience of taking part in research. Participant feedback is really important in improving research delivery and ensuring the best possible experience is being provided.

Responses to the survey showed that the majority of participants in the West of England have a positive experience of taking part in research.

  • 93% of respondents to the adult survey said they would consider taking part in research again
  • 96% of respondents to the children and young people survey also said they would consider their child taking part in research again

As seen in previous years, the participant’s interaction with research delivery colleagues was reported as being a key part of their experience. 47% of respondents who left a comment about what was good about their research experience mentioned the positive impact of staff.

  • “The research team have been absolutely lovely. They have made me feel very valued and have informed me every step of the way. The team made time to talk everything through.”
  • “The people involved have been attentive, caring and happy to answer any questions or concerns I’ve had going through this process. I’ve found it very reassuring.”

In addition to the positive comments, 23% of respondents left feedback about what could have made their research experience better. These comments will be used to form projects which aim to improve the participant experience, in partnership with research champions and research delivery staff

Stephen McGlynn, Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the CRN West of England said:
“Once again it’s fantastic to see an increase in the number of participants sharing feedback about their experience of taking part in research. While the responses we receive are mainly positive, there is always more we can do to improve the experience of taking part in research and we’re always thinking about how we can do better. Participant feedback is crucial in helping us achieve this.

“A huge thank you goes to the research staff in the region, both for helping to deliver the survey, but also for being such a crucial part of the participant experience. It is always a pleasure to read the positive comments about staff in the region and the impact they have made to those taking part in research. We couldn’t do this without you!”

Read the full report: