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CRN Wessex appoints first associate clinical director

CRN Wessex has announced the appointment of its first associate clinical director.

Dr Patrick Moore, a GP and experienced principal investigator, will join the Network as Associate Clinical Director for Primary Care and the Research Hubs from September 2021.

The new post will see Dr Moore develop and lead a new strategy for research within primary care and community settings, supporting CRN Wessex to deliver against its ambition to expand research opportunities for under-served communities across the region.

In this high profile role, Dr Moore will further strengthen partnerships across health and care pathways and help to increase the pipeline of commercial and non-commercial studies which can be delivered in both primary and community care settings.

Working alongside Clinical Director Professor Saul Faust, Dr Moore will help lead the recovery of the Network’s non COVID-19 research portfolio, while ensuring the region continues to be a part of the global research response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Of his appointment, Dr Moore said: "I'm excited to be leading the Network as Associate Clinical Director, helping to drive the research agenda and create more opportunities for patients and the public to access health and care research easily, within their communities.”

Clare Rook, CRN Wessex’s Chief Operating Officer, added: “We're very pleased to welcome Dr Patrick Moore to the CRN Wessex leadership team. Patrick has been our commercial lead for research within primary care for a number of years, and has also been pivotal in establishing the Dorset Research Hub, which continues to be vital to the region's response to COVID.

“Patrick's knowledge, leadership and dedication place him in an excellent position to develop and lead the CRN Wessex strategy for primary care research and the research hubs, and we look forward to working with him.”