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CRN Greater Manchester announces new leadership structure

NIHR Clinical Research Network Greater Manchester (CRN GM) is delighted to unveil its transformed leadership structure. 

The announcement includes the appointment of a new Co-Clinical Director, Theme Leads, and Specialty Leads. 

Starting from April 2022, these new leaders will form a key part of our senior team alongside Co-Clinical Director Professor Martin Gibson, Chief Operating Officer Sarah Fallon and Deputy Chief Operating Officer Susan Neeson. 

Co-Clinical Director 

Professor Andy Ustianowski has been appointed as Co-Clinical Director to fulfil the role alongside Professor Martin Gibson. The role has been created following Professor Gibson’s need to commit extra time to his role supporting the continued development of NorthWest EHealth.

Theme Leads 

Professor Phil Kalra has been appointed as Theme Lead for Relevant Research, Professor Kathryn Abel as Theme Lead for Inclusive Involvement, and Dr Abdul Ashish as Theme Lead for Exceptional Experience. 

These new leaders will work across care structures and specialty areas to change lives through research. They will facilitate key development programmes that improve the delivery of research across Greater Manchester, East Lancashire and East Cheshire. 

Specialty Leads 

Specialty Leads have been appointed to lead research delivery in our 30 health specialty areas. Following an induction in April 2022, they will be available to support, advise and collaborate with colleagues working in research across our region. 

We would like to introduce you to the appointed Specialty Leads who will start on the 1st of April 2022: 

Children and Young People - Professor Clare Murray
Kidney Disorders - Professor Darren Green
Primary Care - Dr Naresh Kanumilli and Dr Stuart Stewart
Neurological Disorders - Dr David Rog
Diabetes - Dr Shazli Azmi
Cancer - Dr Kalena Marti and Dr Yvonne Summers
Trauma and Emergency Care - Professor Richard Body and Professor Dan Horner
Surgery - Miss Gemma Faulkner
Dermatology - Professor Richard Warren
Dementias and Neurodegeneration - Dr Ross Dunne and Professor Monty Silverdale
Gastroenterology - Professor John McLaughlin
Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders - Dr Claire Higham
Ear, Nose and Throat - Ms Sadie Khwaja
Stroke - Professor Craig Smith
Anaesthesia, Perioperative Medicine and Pain Management - Dr Anton Krige
Musculoskeletal Disorders - Dr James Bluett
Social Care - Dr Paul Clarkson
Public Health and Prevention - Professor Arpana Verma 
Ophthalmology - Ms Jane Ashworth
Genomics and Rare Diseases - Dr Catherine Breen
Liver - Dr Varindar Athwal
Infection - Dr Alison Uriel
Mental Health - Dr Paul French
Ageing - Dr Emma Vardy
Health Services Research - Professor Pete Bower
Cardiovascular Disease - Dr Fozia Ahmed

Professor Martin Gibson, CRN Greater Manchester Co-Clinical Director, said: 

“We are excited to launch our new leadership structure with a real focus on delivering on our three new core values: Relevant Research, Inclusive Involvement and Exceptional Experience. 

“Congratulations to our new Theme Leads, Specialty Leads and Co-Clinical Director. We look forward to working with them all as we enter an exciting phase with lots of key learnings from the pandemic and the continued, strong recovery of our non-COVID portfolio. 

"We are also extremely grateful to our outgoing Specialty Leads and Domain leads, and would like to thank them all. Their hard work and dedication over a number of years has played a crucial part in the success of our network and put us on a firm footing to change more lives with research and enable the best care for everyone in our local communities.”