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Celebrating Experienced Practitioner Gateway Registered CRP Registrations

photo oflaura smiling

The Academy for Healthcare Science Accredited Clinical Research Practitioner (CRP) Register was launched in 2021 as a way to recognise the skills that CRPs bring to research delivery. In 2023, the route to achieving this registration was opened out further to enable more CRPs to be recognised and accredited. The Experienced Practitioner Gateway is an additional process to the standard CRP registration route, whereby CRPs who do not hold a degree or equivalent level of qualification can evidence sufficient years of experience in delivering research in line with the AHCS CRP Standards of Proficiency. Once accepted through the Gateway, CRPs will then complete the full portfolio of evidence and reflections as part of the registration process. 

We’ve been growing our community of registered CRPs across the region, and we’re proud to now have some of our first registered CRPs in the region that achieved their registration through the Experienced Practitioner Gateway route. Laura McCafferty, Clinical Research Practitioner at Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, shares her experience of being one of the first West of England Experienced Practitioner Gateway registered CRPs:

“Joining the register seemed like a natural progression in my research career. I have worked my way up the ladder from a Band 2 Research Assistant to now a registered Band 5 CRP. Joining the register has consolidated all my years of experience and knowledge and allowed that to be recognised professionally."

"I found the whole process very accessible and easy to navigate - there was also a lot of advice available from CRN West of England, as well as national CRP forums. I found that the process is nice and simple, but if you’re unsure, always reach out if you need advice and just go for it! If you’re considering registering and would be looking to go through the Experienced Practitioner Gateway, know that the experience and knowledge that you have within your job role is incredibly valuable and deserving of recognition professionally."

The main benefit that I found so far since registering is the professional recognition, and also the new opportunities this could possibly open up for me. I’m excited to see where I will take this next!”

We’re proud to say that Laura is also the first registered CRP at Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Dr Badrinathan Chandrasekaran, Director of Research at Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust highlights the importance that CRPs can have to research delivery:

“We are delighted at Laura’s achievement in becoming the first registered CRP at Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. It is an important step in providing staff with another valid pathway to a career in research, and one that helps to embed research further within the organisation”.

To find out more about how CRN West of England can support CRPs to join the Accredited Register, contact our Workforce Development Lead and CRP Engagement Lead.