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Another remarkable year for participation in NIHR CRN supported studies

The National Institute for Health and Care Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN) has published its annual research statistics. The figures show that the NIHR CRN helped 1,289,937 participants take part in over 4,600 studies in England in 2021/22, including 56,767 participants from the North East and North Cumbria region.

In addition to these remarkable statistics, the numbers reveal that people took part in clinical research studies at every NHS Trust in the country. Over half of GP practices recruited participants to NIHR CRN supported studies, providing more opportunities to take part in research at the first point of care.

The figures also show that the number of commercial studies supported by NIHR CRN has increased by 26.3%, with 28,193 participants taking part in commercial studies sponsored by the life sciences industry.

The NIHR CRN continued to play a vital role in delivering COVID-19 research in 2021/22. Throughout the year, the CRN helped 772,359 participants across the UK take part COVID-19 research including pivotal vaccine trials, and innovative studies investigating COVID-19 treatments in both community and hospital settings. With NIHR CRN support, the PANORAMIC COVID-19 antiviral treatment trial became the UK’s fastest ever recruiting primary care interventional trial (with 25,000 participants enrolled within 5 months). PANORAMIC is currently the largest trial of community-based treatment for COVID-19 anywhere in the world.

The NIHR CRN has also played a key role in the delivery of the NHS COVID-19 Vaccine Research Registry within this time. In June 2021, the registry reached its target of 500,000 sign ups, which have helped support recruitment to several vaccine studies.

Professor Caroline Wroe, Clinical Director of the NIHR CRN North East and North Cumbria, said: “Clinical research could not take place without the many people who give their time and effort to take part and it is wonderful to see another exceptional year for research participation. Thank you to all research participants, public contributors and colleagues across the NHS and life sciences industry who make life-changing research possible.”