What is the Study Support Service?

Our Study Support Service helps researchers and the life sciences industry plan, set up and deliver high quality research in the NHS and across the wider health and social care environment, in the West of England area.

We provide this service for all studies potentially eligible for our support, regardless of study type, size, therapy or research area. Whether your study is in public health, social care, medical, diagnostic, pharmaceutical, or bio-tech we can help.

What are the aims of the Study Support Service?

Our Local Clinical Research Network staff in the West of England work closely with the local research teams, R&D Managers and the Research Design Service who are supporting the set-up and delivery of your study. We have links to the 14 other Local Clinical Research Networks and the central Coordinating Centre to provide support for your study nationally and can call on expertise across the networks.

Our service focuses on working together to add value during study planning and set-up activities, which underpins the successful delivery of the studies we support.

What can the Study Support Service offer you?

We help make it possible for everyone across the region to have access to and participate in health and social research through:

  • Assistance with study set up
  • Cost attribution/SoECATs (see FAQs)
  • Training for investigators
  • Feasibility
  • Assistance with expressions of interest
  • Identifying new studies
  • Supporting recruitment of participants
  • Providing guidance on portfolio adoption
  • Assistance with research governance
  • Support in identifying participant identification centres
  • Clinical leads in each therapeutic area
  • flexible research delivery team who can support trials outside of NHS Trusts

Early contact is essential to making the most of our services, the sooner you get in touch the more you will benefit from our expertise and resources.

Speak to the Study Support Service Team

If you would like further information, or support with a study, please contact our Study Support Service in the first instance, your query will then be passed to the relevant team.

Please see our FAQ page too.

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