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Patients, Carers and the Public

We recruit thousands of people to studies in the West of England every year, working with patients, carers and the public to improve the quality and relevance of our research. Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPIE) is essential to research, read more below about how we can help support you and your study. 

Patients, carers, and the public are essential to our work. They support us by:

  • Taking part in research trials
  • Working in partnership with researchers and healthcare professionals to improve the quality and relevance of our research
  • Making sure research is acceptable and will benefit others
  • Letting us know what it was like to be involved in research so we can continue to improve participant experience 

Involving patients, carers and the public means we can deliver high quality research that is relevant to the health and social care needs of our diverse nation.

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Be Part of Research

Be Part of Research makes it easy to learn about UK health and social care research. Anyone can search for ethically-approved studies and ask to take part. There are studies for people living with a condition, as well as those who may be healthy. The service also features the latest research findings from reliable sources. Visit to find out more.

Participant in research experience survey

Participant experience is a key part of research delivery. Understanding the experience of participants and the reasons why people decide to take part in research helps to improve processes for all involved. Every year, CRN West of England conducts a survey of people who have taken part in research.

Our 2022/23 Survey reported that 93% of research participants would consider joining another study. View the full digital report or download the PDF report.

Read more about the Participant in research experience survey (PRES).

Research Champions

A Research Champion is someone who volunteers their time to engage with the public and promote research from a patient point of view. Research Champions are keen to share the benefits of health and social care research and play an active part in its development. They could be a patient, service user, carer or lay person who is enthusiastic about health research and willing to communicate this to others.

Research Champions ensure people and researchers work well together to produce excellent research.

For more information, please read the Research Champion role description.

Please get in touch to find out more about Research Champions.

People in Health West of England (PHWE)

In the West of England, public involvement has been going on in academic research and in service improvement for many years. People in Health West of England (PHWE) work to embed public involvement in research, and are linked with key regional networks as core partners, including NIHR CRN West of England. PHWE aim to make improvements not just in patient involvement in research but also service improvement and commissioning.

Visit PHWE's website to find out more about how to promote research opportunities to members of the public.

Join Dementia Research

People interested in taking part in Dementia research can register on the Join Dementia Research site and potentially be matched to suitable studies. Study teams and researchers can access this register and get in touch with suitable participants. For more information visit the Join Dementia Research website 

Patient Stories