Training and education in Kent, Surrey and Sussex

It is still unclear when NHS trusts will be able to restart running face-to-face training. As a result, key actions were taken by the CRN to ensure all staff involved in health research continue to be suitably qualified through experience, education and training. Most training can be accessed on NIHR Learn our learning platform.

NIHR Learn

You will need to have an account. Certain email domains are eligible for the automatic setting up of accounts, others will need to complete a manual application. If you need help with NIHR Learn visit NIHR Learn Help. For further help with NIHR Learn please scroll down to the bottom of this page.


For elearning courses please log in to NIHR Learn.

On the Home Page you will find a section entitled ’Explore Learning’. Click on GCP And Other Research Delivery Training to access the NIHR elearning courses. These are divided into the three sections of GCP, Fundamentals and Informed Consent. Choose one of the course categories or if you need help deciding open the delegation aid module.

Face to face courses 

To book onto face to face or facilitated courses run by CRN Kent, Surrey and Sussex or other Local Clinical Research Networks (LCRNs), log into your NIHR Learn account and click on the icon in Explore Learning entitled ‘Locally delivered training’ which will take you to a screen listing the various LCRNs - select the LCRN you wish to visit.

Face to face courses Good Clinical Practice (GCP) will be starting again in Kent from January - please look under Good Clinical Practice 2022 GCP on NIHR Learn for the dates.

Facilitated Online courses - Informed Consent and PI Essential

CRN Kent, Surrey and Sussex is working with the London CRNs to offer both Informed Consent and PI Essential training. As well as looking at the local CRN Kent, Surrey and Sussex area on NIHR Learn please also look under CRN North West London, CRN South London and CRN North Thames.

Course Online option Audience 
Introduction to GCP  NIHR Learn and Open Learn (for volunteers) All clinical research staff
GCP Refresher  NIHR Learn and Open Learn (for volunteers) All clinical research staff
Informed consent  New online facilitated sessions are being run by our colleagues in CRN South London and CRN North West London All delivery staff involved with receiving informed consent
PI Essentials (for new PIs) New online facilitated sessions are being run by our colleagues in CRN South London, CRN North West London and CRN North Thames  Those taking on the role of Principal Investigator 
PI Masterclass None  Study oversight for experienced PIs
Next steps in clinical research delivery None  Delivery staff with six months experience
Induction Hub (Pan London and Kent, Surrey and Sussex CRNs)  Online on KSS Induction Hub All new CRN funded staff
Research Practice in Clinical Settings NIHR Learn Staff working to support research delivery (no delegated duties)
Informed Consent Fundamentals: COVID-19 observational studies  NIHR Learn Clinical staff involved in providing care to COVID-19 patients in isolation wards who are new to supporting clinical research
Fundamentals of Clinical Research Delivery for Laboratory Staff NIHR Learn Laboratory staff working to support research delivery: no delegated tasks that are the responsibility of the PI (i.e. without delegated ‘freedom to act’)
The Informed Consent Process Within Urgent Public Health Research Studies NIHR Learn Those who have completed IC training and need more knowledge of the additional environmental and communication barriers in urgent public health studies
Fundamental of Clinical Research for IMP Management NIHR Learn  Pharmacy and non pharmacy staff involved in the delivery of CTIMPs that are working under the guidance of a written SOP (i.e without delegated 'freedom to act')
Dry Ice training Via external supplier  Details are available on the Gas Safe Consultant website. There is a charge for this online resource. For those who will be handling Dry Ice as part of their research role - this can be packing and sending off samples, such as bloods.

 NIHR Open Learn

If you are a volunteer and returning to NHS duties a separate learning platform has been designed with the online training for COVID-19 studies only at NIHR Open Learn
Please note you need to set up an account for Open Learn. It will not go through the normal set up requirements and it will not recognise your NIHR Learn login. If you have a NIHR Learn account please continue to use that platform.

Courses on FutureLearn

FutureLearn is a private company jointly owned by The Open University and The SEEK Group. They offer a diverse selection of courses from leading universities and cultural institutions from around the world.

Improving Healthcare Through Clinical Research by University of Leeds/NIHR 
Introduction to Randomised Controlled Trials  by University of Birmingham
What is Health Research? by University of Leeds/NIHR


A NIHR Learn Help site is available to help with common problems.

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For general issues and information for CRN KSS face to face courses, issues with enrolling onto a local course (please note we can't set up an account on your behalf) and getting new courses onto NIHR Learn, please email

For help creating or accessing your account, contact the CRN Coordinating Centre service desk by emailing . They can help with all account related queries. The CRNCC service desk is available Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm.

For help booking or accessing e-learning courses (when logged in) contact the Workforce Development help desk at The help desk is available Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm.

For training of new facilitators (FDP), course material updates or any specific clarification on training needs, please contact the Training Coordinator at 

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