We have a team dedicated to training and support in order to help the delivery of research across the East Midlands. On this page you will find information about the different ways that we support health care professionals to deliver research, as well as guidance about how to take your first steps towards becoming a researcher.

Our Workforce Development Team works to promote research as an attractive career option within the NHS. We support a number of national initiatives and our dedicated learning and development team deliver a range of programmes locally to support the delivery of high quality clinical research across the East Midlands.

We aim to improve the standards of research delivery by:

  • Ensuring all delivery staff have the opportunity to actively network and share best practice through our regular Research Forums
  • Supporting the development of our future clinical research delivery leaders through the Advanced Leadership Programme
  • Identifying the learning needs of the workforce and providing a comprehensive programme of learning to support these needs
  • Developing our Principal Investigator community and supporting trainees to get involved in clinical research
  • Providing an induction to the CRN and clinical research in general
  • Providing delivery staff with access to the East Midlands Core Competency Framework for clinical research professionals
  • Adopting and promoting the Integrated Research Framework tool to support workforce planning, recruitment, career pathways and professional development

For more information, including details of our forthcoming training, please visit our dedicated Workforce Development site or email crnemtd@nihr.ac.uk

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