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Patients, Carers and the Public

The NIHR Clinical Research Network East Midlands supports the delivery of health research across the East Midlands region. We are committed to providing the infrastructure that allows high-quality clinical research to take place in the NHS and elsewhere in our area, so that patients can benefit from new and better treatments.

There are a number of different ways to get involved in research. From taking part in a clinical trial to working with healthcare professionals to make research even better, on this page you willl find information about some of the ways that you can get actively involved in research.

Involving patients and members of the public in research is essential as it allows us to gain their insight and experience in order to continue improving research, so that people who take part have as enjoyable an experience as possible.

We work closely with our partners across the region to ensure that people are given opportunities to develop research practices and processes, as well as platforms to speak about their own experiences to encourage more people to take part in research.

We also ask people who take part in research to let us know about their experience, via our Research Participant Experience Survey.

Be Part of Research

We are proud to say that all of the hospital trusts and primary care communities in the East Midlands are involved in research. Last year, over 65,000 people in the region took part in clinical research.

There are many different reasons that we conduct research, including to:

  • provide life changing treatments
  • diagnose diseases earlier or more accurately
  • prevent people from developing conditions
  • improve health and care for generations to come
  • ensure everyone has a better quality of life

If you are a patient or member of the public who would like to take part in research, then you can:

  • Visit the Be Part of Research website to search for studies and take part
  • Talk to your doctor or nurse to find out if there is a suitable study that you can take part in


Local Activities

We work with partners across the East Midlands to identify opportunities for patients and members of the public to work with us to promote research, and shape research based on their experiences.

This enables us to continually develop research processes in response to the needs of research participants and to ensure that their views are taken into account.

To find out more about our work in this area and to discuss ways in which you might be able to get involved, please contact:

Research Champions

If you are passionate about the difference health research can make to people’s health by developing new treatments and care, and preventing illness, then you could become a Research Champion.

Research Champions volunteer their time to help spread the word about health and care research to patients and the public, and especially those groups who are currently less likely to take part in research. They also help research and healthcare staff understand more about the experiences of those who take part in research.

You can give as much or as little time as you have and will become part of a national network of volunteers, as well as having access to free training and events.

If you would like to find out more about becoming a Research Champion in the East Midlands, please contact


Participant in Research Experience Survey

We work with partners across the East Midlands to learn more about what taking part in research is like for participants. We can then use the responses that we receive to understand how we can improve research for the future so that taking part in research is as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The Participant in Research Experience Survey gives participants a quick and easy way to provide us with feedback based upon their experience. Research participants are able to fill in paper surveys or answer the questions online, responding to a series of national, regional and local questions.

We are then able to analyse the data and feedback with partners and make improvements where possible. In addition, the Participant in Research Experience Survey provides participants with an opportunity to communicate their reasons for taking part in research or to give feedback on their interactions with healthcare professionals.

We are currently delivering the 2019/20 Participant in Research Experience Survey, which concludes in mid-March 2020.