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Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Template (SoECAT)


Process for Early Contact and Engagement 

We offer an Early Contact and Engagement service which helps researchers and the life sciences industry to plan, set up and deliver high quality research to time and target in England. 

Our Early Contact and Engagement Service includes advice and support in developing the Schedule of Events Cost Attribution Template (SoECAT) form. Completion of a SoECAT is required for interventional studies and those studies with Excess Treatment Costs (ETCs) at:

  • Single stage grant applications
  • Submission of second and final stage application
  • HRA submissions

Please note that the Clinical Research Network Yorkshire and Humber work to a 10 working day turnaround time for validation of SoECATs. Once a formal request for SoECAT validation has been received, no further changes can be made to the SoECAT until the review process has been completed. To request a SoECAT validation you will be required to submit:

  • Completed SoECAT
  • Protocol/grant application
  • Completed checklist (optional but recommended)
  • Email from Sponsor confirming they agree with details on the SoECATs

SoECATs will be reviewed by an AcoRD Specialist and will then be returned to you as either:

  • Validated for grant application
  • Validated for HRA
  • Request for changes to attributions
  • Not validated

We encourage study teams drafting SoECATs to contact colleagues in their sponsor R&D offices early in the process to request support.

For links to the SoE and SoECAT templates and a summary of tools, resources and training to support you in completing the documents please visit the Guidance Document.

To request a copy of the checklist or request our Early Contact and Engagement Service please contact our Study Support Service by email: or tel: 0113 2060451