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Patient Research Experience Survey 2021/22 frequently asked questions


What is it?

The NIHR Clinical Research Network West of England Participant in Research Experience Survey (PRES) is a confidential evaluation of our research and delivery.

It is a High Level Objective (HLO), which means it is one of the primary performance indicators that the Department of Health and Social Care uses to evaluate the impact of the Clinical Research Network.

The survey is confidential, but participants can choose to share their name and email address if they would like to be contacted about any research champions opportunities.

What are the benefits of using PRES?

Feedback from research participants can help your team understand both what you are doing well, and where there are opportunities to make changes to improve the experience of participants taking part in research. In previous years we have also been able to feed back participants’ comments to Chief Investigators, which can influence current and future study design.

Past results have been highly positive, with the vast majority of respondents reporting a good experience of taking part in research. These results can be affirming and motivating for research staff, especially the free text responses where research participants are able to share what they particularly valued about taking part.

PRES can also support you in evidencing that you are involving patients and carers in your research initiatives.

Is it just for participants who are already part of a study?

No. It is for any participant attending a research-based appointment. They could be a potential new participant, already in a study or in follow-up.

Participants can complete more than one survey, to share their experience at different stages of the study.

Who should be offered the PRES?

You can use the PRES with participants whose research appointments take place in clinic, as inpatients, or on home visits, as well as those receiving a telephone call, completing online questionnaires or taking part in remote video calls (you can send them the link to the online survey, or a printed survey with a prepaid envelope).

Is PRES suitable for all studies and participants?

PRES may not be suitable for some studies or participants. Studies that are exempt include those where there are concerns over the capacity of the participant to take part in PRES, where studies are a bi-product of a procedure (tissue sampling) or in situations where it is not appropriate to approach a participant e.g. trauma or grief.

The following versions of the PRES are available for children:

  • Children from 0-6
  • Children from 7-11
  • Children from 12-15

Some participants may require accessible or otherwise adapted version of the PRES. Please let us know if this is the case.

I’ve run out of paper PRES, how do I get more?

If you would like to be sent more paper copies of the PRES, please email

We also have posters and business cards with QR codes available that can be requested by email. 

Surveys that can’t be linked to a specific study or site won’t count towards the final target. Please make sure to complete the ‘for staff use’ box in advance at the bottom of each paper survey.

Is there any further information available?

We are here to help with any questions - please email