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North Thames: Research Champion John McKenzie YouTube transcript


Chloe van Someren talking...

"My name is Chloe and I'm a clinical trials practitioner at the North Middlesex Hospital. The North Middlesex Hospital has been conducting research for 26 years. Three years ago we decided to start taking part in the patient research experience survey. We wanted to take part, because we thought, what's the point of having all these nice new treatments, if the patients aren't having a positive experience.

"We wanted to know if our patients felt they have the right level of information to make a decision, and during the trial. We wanted some general feedback and some good ideas for improvement from our patients, really the results from the survey last year, we're pleased that we had generally positive feedback. 100% of our patients said they felt they had the right level of information when they were approached for the trial. 85% of our patients said they will participate in research with us again.

"One question patients were asked in last year's survey was what they would like to be done differently if they participated in research again. And one patient answered that they'd like to speak to a previous trial patient before they made their decision. Because of this we worked with the North Thames CRN to identify a patient research champion on their program. John's been working with us as a research champion for the last year, and everybody loves him." 

John McKenzie speaking...

My name's John McKenzie, and I work as a research champion at the North Mid Hospital. I got involved in research after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Other treatments had not worked for me so I volunteered.

My main reason for getting involved in the research was because I wanted to stay alive. I have got two brothers who died of cancer.

So my oncologist offered me a chance at research with a new drug on the market. I didn't know quite what to expect until the research began. If we needed to get in touch with someone, well, Chloe was the one really.  When I met up with Dr Chao,  it was he that suggested I could become a research champion. They are trying to establish the best way of communicating with people to let them know that this exists.

I have been involved in distributing a number of leaflets. I have also spoken to Macmillan research cancer people. I was telling people about what the experiences were, even before, and people would sit there and go: “Why would I want to do that?” Well, because it's important.

Research, research needs people. That's it.

Message plays across screen: “To find out more, ask your doctor or nurse. Or visit”