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Incorporating PRES into your study design


The Participant Research Experience Survey (PRES) initiative is currently rolled out across sites nationally with the aim of putting the participant experience at the heart of research delivery - helping to improve the way research studies are designed and delivered, now and in the future. 

Claire Callens and Debbie Peplow from the Network's Study Support Service in collaboration with Mary-Anne Darby, CRN WM PRES Lead, are working on a Quality Improvement project to encourage research teams to embed PRES into study designs as early as possible.

The desired outcome is for study delivery teams to ensure that patients have the opportunity to complete PRES questionnaires. PRES response information can then be provided to study teams and could help to improve patient experience and study delivery. The Main Study Contact will include PRES as part of the Study Support Service we offer to researchers - and responses from PRES can be presented back to study teams in both excel format and also as an infographic

This project was presented at the recent CRN WM PRES Event - Barriers and Challenges to Delivering the Participant in Research Experience Survey and was well received by the 70+ attendees.