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CRN West of England Research Awards 2022 Welcome Video Transcript





0:00-0:26 March 2020. The world came to a standstill. COVID-19: so little we knew so much to discover. Research paused. Teams redeployed. Working from home. Not knowing what might come next. Montage of images including Millennium Square in Bristol, a closed shop, people touching hands through glass, an empty cafe, COVID-19 cells, a scientist holding a test tube, an empty office, people working from home.
0:27-0:34 But there was also hope: research was our best way out of this pandemic.  Montage of doctors and nurses putting on gloves and goggles, and using medical equipment.
0:35-0:58 And we've accomplished so much. Finding new vaccines, treatments, therapeutics and antivirals, testing the tests, understanding infection, just some of our current and continued COVID contributions. We've shared our experiences country-wide, enabling new sites and research opportunities for people no matter where they live. Montage of news headlines on a mobile phone mixed with clips of research staff testing samples, looking through a microscope and doing COVID-19 tests.

December 2020: The Oxford Vaccine approved by the MHRA.
June 2020: Coronavirus: Dexamethasone proves first life-saving drug.
January 2021: Two more life-saving Covid drugs discovered.
April 2021: Covid: Asthma drug ‘speeds up recovery at home.
November 2021: Flu and Covid jabs safer to be given at same time, study finds.
December 2021: Covid: First UK patients given take-at-home pill.
March 2022: Arthritis drug could help save Covid patients - study.
0:59-1:15 And it's not just COVID. We've restarted and maintained our research in other specialties, managing the recovery of our portfolio, and continuing to make transformative discoveries that improve patient care. Montage of research staff doing blood tests, finding medication in the pharmacy, talking with patients and participants, taking blood pressure and giving vaccinations.
1:16-1:29 Along the way, we felt anger, fear, frustration, isolation, stress and sadness. It hasn't been easy.  A short montage of healthcare colleagues showing signs of stress, anxiety and worry after working during the covid pandemic.
1:30-2:03 But we can be proud.Proud of our achievements. Proud of how we have connected and supported each other. And proud of the compassion we've shown to our participants and to each other. We've shown what's possible. We've demonstrated the importance and the power of research. We've made - and continue to make - a difference. Montage of research staff smiling, working together and talking with participants.
2:04-2:17 The power of our network is in our community. We support each other, we share ideas and challenges, working together to improve the health and wealth of our nation.  Text on screen “WE are a COMMUNITY”

Montage of staff working together at computers, looking at samples and talking with participants.
2:18-2:29 We are stronger together in our pursuit of a common goal. We work across organisational boundaries to bring research opportunities to the public, no matter where they live in the West of England. Text on screen “WE are COLLABORATIVE”

Montage of different research sites and a staff member taking a participant's blood pressure.

Montage of areas in the West of England, including the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the Royal Crescent.
2:30-2:48 We've overcome new challenges. Delivering research in a socially distanced world amidst continued clinical pressures. Working at speed and at scale, quickly setting up urgent public health studies, recovering our portfolio. We find solutions against all odds.  Text on screen “WE are INNOVATIVE”

Montage of staff working on a computer and in clinical settings.
2:49-3:10 Our patients are at the heart of our research without them the discoveries we make wouldn't be possible. We work with local communities to break down barriers, to ensure that everyone - no matter who they are or where they live - has the chance to be part of research. Text on screen “WE are INCLUSIVE”

Montage of staff talking with participants in clinical settings.
3:11-3:28 In a world of uncertainty, we've not only made it through, but we've flourished. We've flexed the way we work. We've worked in new and unfamiliar settings. And we've pushed ourselves to the limit. We've connected with patients and participants in different ways. Text on screen “WE are RESILIENT”

Montage of staff working in clinical settings and on virtual calls.
3:29-3:33  We've embraced daunting digital technologies.  Text on screen “You’re on mute!”
3:34-3:41 We've had to rethink the nature of what we do. And at the heart of all of this is our concern for our participants, and for each other. Montage of staff talking with participants and taking their blood pressure.
3:42-3:51 We are the CRN West of England. CRN West of England logo.
3:52-4:02 [No audio] Text on screen:
Additional footage courtesy of Bull & Wolf Film Co

Thank you to those who took part in our focus groups, who’ve shaped the story we’ve told in the video.